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You know, I was sitting at my desk thinking…im a stingy muhfucka. I dont share enough. So, in light of that… i would like to share a thought i had today.

Turkey bowling…

What a waste of muthafuckin food. Im pretty sure there are some homeless people watching the news pissed the fuck off. Like gotdammit… i really could have liked JUST A SLICE of that shit! im hungry as fuck! and these assholes are taking turkeys and wasting them! well actually…. if youre homeless, that probably means you dont have a place to watch tv on the regular. oops. but yea… way to waste some muthafuckin food. Im pretty sure in most citys they are bowling turkeys, fuckin em all up. those could have been donated to feed people in need… kids man kids!
what would really be fucked up is if they bowled em then cooked em… and feed em to people in need. lol damn. i hope this doesnt happen.
lol only white people would really do some shit like this.

Next… i have a conversation i had with a friend of mine who recently became a mother.

Jill: man guess what
Jill: my lil man has 2 teeth now… im so proud.. lol
Me: high five!
Jill: lol
Jill: that better not be sarcasm.. i’ll beat your ass over sarcasm concerning my son.. dammit.. lol
Me: lol naw….
Me: it wasnt
Me: well i guess it was a lil bit…
Me: only because you didnt do shit lol
Jill: bastard
Me: so i guess its really his high five…
Me: but… to be honest
Me: i guess he really didnt do shit either…
Jill: lol so? it’s a wonderful moment for a mother.. lol
Me: i mean… you cant grow teeth on purpose
Me: you just sit there and wait… lol
Me: and eat right lol
Jill: lmao fuck u
Me: like… YES!!! its been 4 months of hard work!! BUT LOOK!!! A TOOTH!!!
Jill: LMAO
Jill: lmao i hate u
Me: even if anybody could do that shit….
Me: would you congratulate them?
Jill: i shant tell u anymore wonderful stories of my motherhood… ya sarcastic bastard
Me: lol im sorry… im fucked up
Me: lol
Jill: lol it’s cool
Me: this is some great shit i got going on over here
Me: i tend to say skanless shit when im blowed tho
Jill: lol
Me: ask sylvia lol

and speaking of sylvia… now its her turn!

Sylvia: i smell weed
Sylvia: LOL shut up ass
Me: congratulations!
Sylvia: asshole
Me: youll be searchin out cocaine and bombs sooner than you think!
Sylvia: whatever
Me: LOL HA HA!!!
Me: you know it was funny!

stay away from me if i am under the influence of high quality inebriates!

Lastly… he isnt another thought.

Tupac. Where is he? All the Tupac nuts believe that he was suppose to come back in 7 years. ummmmmmm…. ok. sept was 7 years homie… now you have to factor in CP time… i mean a muhfucka just cant come back from the dead n shit… or suppose to be dead or whatever. and if anybody was gonna do it… im sure they would be on time i guess. unless you happen to be Black lol in which case if you call it in some years… you could show up a couple months late. However folks… doesnt look like this nigga is making that come back. unless you wanna count the movie.

OK… im about to go sit on my couch… and play Kind of Blue, by the great Miles Davis. This CD is great. This is the first Jazz CD i purchased, which sparked my interest in alot of classic jazz. I suggest you get it where ever you can… dont buy it… steal it. Miles’ kin doesnt see any of the profit… columbia records/sony does…. i hate them. muthafuckas. shit… if youre so bold… ask me for it! ill make you a copy. lol

well…off i go.

*late edit*

i was so fucked up i put this on the wrong blogger.
opps. lol


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