Uhmah Park

ok… so im more than flagrantly unsober. but im thinking that what im about to say, explains alot.

so i recorded the 05 BET Awards…

and its no secert that both Mariah Carrey and Luaren Hill didnt sound like themselves. and thats all imma say about that….

but i think i know why they why they didnt sound thier respective normal selves.

i think its because, missy had a blunt backstage…. and got luaren hill and mariah carrey hella blowed before the show started.

thats the only thing that makes since… luaren was up there hot as FUCK… sweatin and shit. she had that BIG ass muthafuckin bow… the koopa troopa wig n shit. covered from head to toe… looked like she couldnt breathe n shit. When you face a blunt… youre gonna sound like that, look all hot and constricted in some shit like that. its the blunt tellin all on you, real bad.

and then mariah… i HEAR her mic was fucked up. but she didnt come thru really either… and she know it. she was up there lookin like she was too blowed to be trying to dish out that stellar proformance lol. and her voice was all raspy and fading n shit. come on… if that aint the blunt talking, i dont know what is…

but that is the only thing that is making sense to me right now.

and real quick… john ledgend has to be gay. and i refuse to believe other wise.
i also dont like that ordinary people shit. i dont care how much it sound like ribbons in the sky! gotdammit.


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