Uhmah Park

LOL this is cracking me the fuck up right now. And for whatever reason, i hear the clipse playing in my head as i type this. Probably because i jacked they shit for the title of this entry. lol


I wonder if i blogged about sellin cocaine and cookin it up raw and shit like that…. i wonder would that entice people to read my blogger more lol. Not that im desperate for attention or anything. But I guess I just think about shit like that. Really, what my point is, is… Thats what niggas rhyme about on records. And it sells! We all fuck with it. Not to knock any niggas raps or hustle for that matter. But it does seem like there is alot of that going around in niggas rhymes these days. And it sells! It sells well in fact! Almost to the point where its the trendy thing to do. Which is what makes me wonder, could that trend possibly find its way to the blogosphere? And if it did… lol. Would that drive traffic to blogs? Since it seems to drive dollars to pockets in the rap world. Why wouldnt it? 

Imagine. Some nigga with a blogger, typing about how he rich from pumpin that D. The rubber band man. The Snow Man. A nigga that followed the tony montana guide to havin it focking behg mayne! How he got shit on lock! The pain it took to get there. Betrayal. Homies dead and gone. Havin hoes and pimpin bitches. Flossin exspensive shit in they photo galleries n shit. All on youtube talkin shit … OH!!!  And possibly beef ( INTERNET BEEF!! lol ) with another nigga or CREW of niggas, with a blog(gers)!! Wouldnt that be fun!? Gotdamn! (damn hold the fuck up, i might be too high, because this is starting to sound like a great idea. Or possibly shamefully entertaining at the least)

And God Bless (not really) the dumb fuck who would try to follow this trend but possibly include shit he got going on RECENTLY! On some, yea… i picked up 3 keys the other day, sorry i aint been around, i been in the kitchen, cookin that raw. Im more than CERTAIN some nigga would take it there. Maybe not exactly lol. But im more than certain somebody would type out enough evidence to be used against they ass in trial. It aint like the police dont be on the internet lol. Im sure the po would get wind of somebody's dope boy activities and start trackin they ass down through their blogger lol. And use it to build a case!

That shit would be all over the AP. And would be the funniest shit ever. lol. Aint no way in the fuck id feel sorry for that nigga there. Even if it was my own brother. And even if he was humiliated in court if the lawyers defense was: "My client just typed this as a fictional character, its all pretend. Its the internet, its not real! It was all made up in his mind"

lol imagine how humilating that shit would be? Everybody would find out that was your defense, and it would have to be true lol. Either be a real ( REAL DUMB ) nigga and go to jail. or be that fraud and be free.  Tuff choice, no?

So of course youd be blogging about old shit. lol Shit you USED to have going on. How you HAD it for cheap. And how things Used to be. Telling stories about shit you been through, and how since you went through that, it got you to where you are now. and now you are the man! with a blogger. talkin hella shit. about old shit.  and shit you could or could possibly not be doing, gone do or have ever did for that matter in the first place.

Anyway… i keep telling myself… no, nobody will read a blogger of a nigga thats on that shit. But… i cant let go of the fact that most people understand that the shit alot of rappers talk about in they songs, they dont really do.  We all know this, most of us anyway. Yet we still choose to participate and shout the lyrics. So why wouldnt you read the blogger?

I mean, its not even like most people can relate to the shit rappers talk about in they songs. Nigga ive NEVER seen a black card. And i know the only reason ive seen a maybach on the road, is because i live in LA. But ive never road in one. Couldnt tell you what the ride is like. I dont know how cavali shit fit, OR bape shit… i cant even imagine my person in some of that shit. I wish i muthafuckin would put on a baby blue and pink camouflage hoodie. Nigga Please!!! Ive never killed a nigga. Although ive wanted to, but that dont count. (i almost did shoot me a muthafucka one night in phoenix though. my mind was made up!! finger on the trigger and everything. Muhfucka chose to go the route that wouldnt get him shot when he was presented with his options.) Anyway lol. you get my point.
So what im saying is… why wouldnt it be ok for a nigga with a blogger to be on the same shit? 

Nigga if JayZ and Nas and Lil Wayne and Snoop had bloggers, wouldnt nobody read that shit or respect them niggas if thats how they tried to obtain the same audience they got now. Thats all im saying.

The world may never know.  


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