On GP (General Purposes)

I gotta joke….

i woke up today and this shit was waiting for me on AIM lol

I got a new car radio yesterday and it is terrific.
If I say “Rock” it plays rock and roll.
If I say “Rap” it plays rap.
If I say “Love” it plays love songs.
Three kids ran out in front of the car
and I said
“Fucking kids!”

And it played Michael Jackson.

lmao gutty shit.

But… let it be known. that in this country of ours… as unjust as it can be at times. the rule of the land is suppose to be… innocent until proven guilty. that is what is “suppose” to make this country “great”. Not Guilty if the media says so. Just because some news anchor has some retarded ass/personal opinion… does not make it law… or a live update of the bible… or a live update of the judicial process…. or the mass public opinion… NOR does it mean it should automatically become yours.

but yea… the joke… for the sake of being a JOKE ( something that really isnt ment to be taken seriously ) is pretty gotdamn funny lol.

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I will be telling this joke to everyone in my class tomorrow…possibly in the front of class…I will give absolutely no credit to the nigga O.J. before OR after telling it…LOL!!!

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