Guttie Shit

I Feel U Muggin Me Cuz!

From top to bottom. Take everything in, then I’ll point out every thing you might have missed.

  1. Mi’Mi is clearly this girls moms or somebody, I some how missed that. But “365 days and coming” who says that? I was thinking maybe thats some kind of positive forward thinking shit. But… NAH! Clearly somebody has spent there life thinking “and counting” has always been, “and coming”. Thats the only thing I can think of lol
  2. “I Feel U Muggin Me Cuz” Will be the phrase that pays in the online Black and Ethnic Community for a long time. I will make sure of it personally. To make it even funnier, the girls eyes are closed. So… thats why she feels you muggin her and doesnt actually see it.
  3. Some people might not laugh at the fact that there is a 3rd picture of the baby faded in the background next to the “cuz” inbetween the hand prints
  4. The baby name is Ka’miya… her momma name is Mi’Mi … you do the math.
  5. That poor baby has so many beads in her head, Im CERTAIN she makes HELLA noise running or walking into the room. Theres no way this isnt true. If youve ever been around a kid with beads in their head. You know how much a little bit makes. Look at this shit! Shes only ONE. Im sure there are hella beads ALL over the gotdamn house lol. And we will skip the baby having on her mammas tacky ass liquor store glasses. lol
  6. Lets skip the “B-Day” part and get to the date “Aug 15, 2K9“, again… you might not find this funny. I do.
  7. Under the date of course…. “We Poppin Bottles” with the baby bottles under it. Its like another REALLY GREAT part of a really great movie.
  8. The Time. This B-Day Bash will be between the hours of 3pm and end 3 hours later at 6pm. This is clearly was done out of convince for the Mom, but maybe she forgot she was Black is over looking the fact that everybody is gonna get there at 5:30pm. Im sure whats really gonna happen is, after 6 they are gonna lock the kids in somebodies bed room and break out the liquor. At least thats what used to happen to me us when we were little. lmao
  9. “Have My GIFT Wen u Come, Datz On Everything i Luv” …. why didnt they Capitalize the I and the U? they capitalized the O in On. Im confused. Whatever. On to the more important issue, that those invited are being light weight threaten by a one year old. I guess since mom is throwing the party, and if yall muthafuckas is coming to eat for free. My baby better get some presents in exchange!
  10. If the baby gets older and is embarrassed by this. No matter what she will have always contributed to this shit, because the background is of her baby feet and hand prints lol

I cant laugh at this shit, because I really feel like I’d never stop laughing. Ever. Every day its become more and more clear that photoshop being bootleged on the internet is becoming a problem in ways we would have never imagined. lol

Feel free to contribute you findings in the comments lol

3 replies on “I Feel U Muggin Me Cuz!”

This? Right here? Is hi-effin-larious!

But why do I sorta want to send Ka’miya a 2nd b-day card for this year, since it’s coming up…

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