Uhmah Park

MAN! there is a BIG ass muthafuckin blood sucking ass misquito in my fuckin room right now…

this muthafucka looks like a baby Monthrah n shit.

so… i get my ass up to murder this fucking flying leech of an insect. and the muthafucka disappears right in front of my eyes n shit!

now i know its late, and im kinda tired… but i swear… the muhfucka hit a corner or something and was GONE. just like flys do ( i fucking hate flys… ugh… and what kinda fucking name is that for an insect?!?!?! Fly is a VERB!!! anyway…). it was like a sudden turn… and the son of a bitch fucking vanished on a nigga. how the fuck did he do that?!

so here we go… OJ looks crazy as fuck, because now he is chasing nothing. and now i feel fuckin dumb kinda. well not really… i know what i saw… nobody else was around to see me dope fiend what would seem to be nothing but random air pockets i suppose. but fuck it… nobody saw me. id feel dumb if i was uncertain that i was actually swingin at something. but i know i was swinging at a big ass misquito… the shit was so big, i saw it wink at me when i missed. like HA HA nigga… youre too slow to fuck with me son!!! the muhfucka gave me the finger n shit… disappeared. “YOU CANT SEE ME NIGGA!!!” thats what he told me… lol foreal lol.

so now… im back at my desk now… giving my self the ol preist down. like killed a couple of glasses of jesus juice, and smoked two rocks!

im sittin up here flinchin for nothing… scratchin… rubing on myself aurbitrarly n shit. flickin at my ears, im trying to not really sit too still. because this huge ass misquito is after me now, im sure of it. i mean… id be if i was him. lol i just tried to smack that nigga like he was a bitch. if i was that misquito id bite me, even if it meant certain death lol. just off principal. my whole attitude would be… im going to bite you, muthafucka. and imma enjoy that shit. you might murder my ass… but i wasnt gonna make it outside this week no way. but your punk ass is going to remember this bite at least for the next two weeks or so. scratching at it, and everybody is going to think you got something. AND i hope im carring something… bitch! LOL

AH YEA!!!! our misquito friend fucked up and showed his ass. he flew right by the light and i caught his shawdow out the corner of my eye. i had to take it back to 92 on that nigga. like he was at a stop light, and it was a late los angeles evening, and i was tired of walking. and the pistol in my waist line says i can have your car if i assert my self and go after it!
he got caught slipping something pretty cold if i do say so my self.

but damn tho… im still trippin on how that nigga vanished on me like that. hmmm fuck some hench men lol… i want to learn how to do THAT shit! im already pretty slick to be as big as i am. ( you might wanna read that, shit is the guts lol ) a nigga is 6 foot 6 inches, 230 pounds… and i will sneak up on you like i was your shawdow lol. but if i could just disapear in front of some one on call?!?!?! pssshhhhhh oh boy! that shit would be great and i would take advantage of that shit often. id take advantage of it so often… that if other people could do that shit, id fuck it up for every body! lol its always the nigga to fuck shit up for everybody else right? lol
anyway…. but yea… the misquito is dead… so i no longer feel like a crackhead… my stomach is rumbling right now though.

i should have tried to trick that muthafucka into the bathroom and kept him penned down in the corner while i relieved my self of the fish and chips i had earlier. that would have been true punishment lol. muthafucka would have probably taken his own life before i got a chance to do it lol.

i remember i used to have some cats back in the day… and id be taking a shit… and these niggas would reach under the door for no gotdamn reason ( i think i wrote about that shit ). so one day… i was like fuck it… ill bring your ass in here with me since you wanna reach nigga. lol ok… lol… damn… ok so… im taking a shit. and the cat is in the bathroom… in the furtherest possible corner away from me. huddled the fuck up. just staring at me. looking at me like… fuck you nigga. i cant stand yo black ass. youre so fucking mean to me. fuck.
the fuckin cat HAD to think i was out my gotdamn mind. not only did i lock his ass in the bathroom with me while i was shitting, but i was looking back at him, look at me like that… and i was laughing uncontrolably n shit. gotdamn that shit was funny. its funny now all over again. lol damn. i could have been imaging it… but i swear the cat was shaking his head at me slightly… LMAO gotdammit!!! the cat was really probably thinking… i should fuck you up for this shit. i really should…….

speaking of funny tho… i murdered this misquito… and i scraped its remains up with some toilet paper… and i put that muthafucka in the toilet… but i did not flush it. but now… i have to take a shit. so im about to get my desicration of a punk ass misquitos remains. thats what the fuck he gets for making me feel like a gotdamn crack head.

Till next time i feel like sharing….. lol. Via Con Dios! And may the rest your day be with out pungent oders of others bowels.


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