Uhmah Park

i suppose i should write on this shit… anyway.

the other day… a nigga like me took a nap. it was like 11 pm ( i normally black out at 4 am, lately anyway ) i woke up at around 1 am. All the lights was on in my room, but the tv was on in the living room and was reflecting outside of my room. Now the lights outside of my room was off and my door was open. i had a pillow over my head and i was hella comfortable when i woke up, and my vision was extra blury and my eyes where sensitive to the light. i opened my eyes… and im looking right out of my door… and the wall that my door faces… there is a plant ( a big tall fake plant ) in the corner and some how… the light from the tv… and the angle i was layin made out to be what looked like a ku klux klan man hiding behind this plant.

yes… thats fuckin right… for like a hot 7 seconds i thought there was a six foot nine klans man in my aptartment… making the most feable attempt in history to hide behind this tall ass fake plant. the light made it look like he was in white robe wit the maltesse cross where its suppose to be and everything… hood on… floopy… all that shit… ( ive never seent me one in person… but ive seen plently movies and documentaries and so forth ).

my intial reaction….. ” i dont believe this shit?!?!?!” my eyes got kinda big and as i focused in more… blinked a couple of times… gettin ready to fight, just incase lol. but he disappeared… i was trippin, sleepy and seeing shit lol. thats why i normally sleep with the damn door closed.

but no… i dont see dead people…. i see klans men…

i been on devil watch lately… both me and my sister have been actually.

because we are the ONLY two muhfuckas who thought that first pepsi blue commercial with the monks and the rocker dudes ( or who ever the fuck ) said the “ariyan (sp) cola” towards the end of the commercial. it actually says the only berry cola or some shit like that… i had to pay close attention to it the next time i caught the commercial. anyway.

back to work for me.