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I didnt leave you, You left me

One day, randomly, I came across some Ghostface mixtape/album called “Hidden Darts”. I heard this song and was instantly ecstatic. One of my favorite MCs tearing down one of my favorite songs of all time? Yes! Bars on bars. And then it just rode out at the end, with this super awesome beat. I love it. Ghost will rap over anything and make something out of it.

I dont think most people understand how seriously I take the Wu-Tang Clan. Im not one of those crazy ass fans that get a Wu tat, or have hella Wu Tang shit. Although I did used to own a few Wu Wear joints.
Im a huge Wu Tang fan. I dont walk around reciting Clan facts. Theres a piece of me that feels like I’d smack a nigga for saying something stupid about the Wu Tang Clan, not out of anger really, just pure reaction. My id would move my hand towards a muthafucka face in a violent thunderious manner with out my total approval…. cant say I’d apologize, but that slap wouldnt have been on purpose lol. Im not sure I could marry a woman who doesnt fuck with the wu tang clan, at least a lil bit. One of my ex’s once bought me OB4CL after i discovered I had lost the actual disc. I backed it up on my itunes, but she just wasnt comfortable with me not having a hard copy. Lol thats what the fuck Im talkin about lol; we were practically married in my eyes after that. Ive never been more happy to get some shit i already got lol. Im still grateful lol.
If youre not a Wu Tang fan, I feel like i cant really trust ur opinion totally.

Its real, Im not playing lol. People who arent Wu Tang fans are weirdos to me lol. I went to Rock the Bells when the Clan performed 36 chambers and lightweight got emotional singin wu tang clan aint nothin to fuck with lol. That whole set and concert was awesome. This was before they raised the price to a million dollars a ticket.

I dont know why its taken me so long to post my vast collection / knowledge of Wu Tang tracks for Wu Wednesdays, but that has come to an end with one of my favorite Ghost tracks of all time.
Awesome way to start in my opinion!

Yall welcome

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Me and Nile went to see the Wu man…..right before we started college…we went and bought Wu medallions from the Wu Wear store and everything….nigga….NIGGA….*sigh*…these skinny jean wearing lil niggas are the worse for not having some shit like we had in our youths!

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