Uhmah Park

well… my weekend was kinda eventfull, maybe ill post about it one day. should be today, but there is a couch and j callin my name…


have you ever woke up on a monday morning, thinking it was sunday? thinking you could sleep in… thinking you had a day to relax or do whatever you normally do on sunday. and you get up… and do whatever you do in the morning. and like 20 min after you wake up… you get slaped with some truth, that truth being… hey, its not sunday, its fuckin monday homie!

and now youre THROWN into monday mode, against your will.

has this ever happen to you?

this is the second time this has happen to me in the last two weeks. and all day today, i was basiclly in disbelief that it was monday and really didnt get too much accomplished. im kinda disapointed in myself and will spend all tuesday trying to make up what i failed to fucking do on fucking monday. but what the fuck ever. ( i have an attitude about this can you tell? )

i guess thats what happens though, when you treat sunday like its saturday lol.

lol oops!


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