Uhmah Park

alright… so today… im on the 101 freeway on my way to Hollyweird ( Hollywood ) and ok… its the 101… and ok… its friday… but it was kinda early… so i wasnt expecting there to be a GANGA fuckin traffic! So… its friday… sun is beaming… not to hot tho ( had the sun roof open — i love my car 😀 )… bangin ummm, the first ol dirty and then the busta rhymes loud as fuck… doing the traffic thing… trying to find the fastest lane so i can be on my muthafuckin way… i fucking hate traffic.

the whole time im sittin in traffic… i notice random random police swervin thru taffic…. it kinda looked like they was goin to an accident or something… i didnt pay it no mimd tho… so im rollin.. and i see the traffic ahead speeding up… so i think to my self, because living in LA i have much experence with traffic and all that sucks to be stuck in tha shit, hey… something must have happen?

i turn to the right and try to get a peek ( turn down the radio because the police will pull you over if they here your shit ) and what in tha fuck do i gotdammit see?!?!?!

the police have stoped a blue dodge truck… that was old as fuck, with the truck of the bed FILLED WITH WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FILLED WITH WEED!!! COVERED WITH A BLUE TARP!!! there was weed just poking out of every damn where!! it wasnt like… dried and ready to smoke or no shit like that… it was freshly cut down and being taken some where…

not i only got a glempse of it… but dammit… i know weed when i see weed… and dammit… it was weed… plus i kinda smelled weed before i saw it… and i thought i was trippin… but i guess not.

i still cant believe i saw that shit… some old mexican dude was drivin the truck i guess and they had him on the side of the road posted…

im still kinda in shock… i will be checking the papers to see if i REALLY saw what i think/prettydamnsure/know i saw