Uhmah Park

Lets just say… you could make a boogar talk… what would you make that shit say? ( feel free to leave a comment or 3 about the shit )

i was thinking the other day, if i was a nasty muthafucka that liked to fling boogars on niggas… i would probably make my boogar yell out some blood curdling war cry as it wisked through on the way to its target. Or, maybe just stimply, “GERANIMO!!!!!!” oooh? maybe i could get it to develop an asian accent, and yell out BUNZIIIIIIII!!!!!!! or i could be real fucked up and get it to develop a middle eastern accent and have that nigga yell out “ALLAH AKBAHH!!!!” when i flick my boogars on Jewish people.
That would be fucked up lmao

Maybe i would make my boogar say various old gangbanger thug shit. Shit like… Ay homie… what set you claim?! Or, PHONE CHECK NIGGA! when people passed it on they cell phones. And lets not forget the classic… What you got on my 40 homie?

For those wondering where the hell i could have possibly got that shit from. There is an OLD In Living Color skit, where they was running that NASTY ASS resturant, and david allan geir was in the corner and used to yell out random shit. My favorite one was… I CAN MAKE A BOOGAR TALK!

Anyway… for those who aint knowing… In Living Color now airs on BET at night. Although ive yet to catch an episode… i have DVR in my room now, and ive taped a few eps. its gonna be great!


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