Uhmah Park

sigh… for like the last two weeks… or so? lol all i have been hearing from like half the people i know that actually read this shit is the following:

— Are you gonna stop blogging??

lol its funny how like at least 10 people can only ask or say a variety of 4 different phrases pertaining to one event lol. well not verbatum of course, but something along those lines.

Anyway… no im not gonna stop blogging, and the reason i havnt is because… well. fuck i didnt fucking feel like it. ok? a nigga had other shit to do. imma busy person. i work. shit. lol i work alot.
true… i do make my living runing internet based businesses… so i could understand how one would be inclined to think that well since you work on the net, it should be easy for you to post something to your blogger! to that i say: youd fucking think so huh? but that really aint the case. truth be told… im on this gotdamn computer all day… and i try to escape the rays of this screen when i get a chance. if i spend however much time writing up a blog entry, that means i have free time to NOT be in front of this screen. but ehh… whatever. SOME people need to understand… i dont type out blogger entries to entertain. while what i have to say might be entertaining or whatever… im not a muthafuckin preformer lol. and if i was… best believe id be charging niggas!!!
The shit i publish to this site are stories and or thoughts that i tell to my friends or whom ever, that i dont feel like repeating again and again. i cant begin to count how many times ive told some of the shit ive been through to people on my buddy list or to somebody over the phone or in person. over and over again. this shit here is an easy way to just say the shit once, and provide niggas with a link lol. i suppose you can think of this as sort of an “OJ Newsletter” lol. with various updates on the thoughts that pass through my mind, and of course myself. (Althought i never write about me, or anything super personal. Think about it… what do you really know about me from reading this shit?)
even still with that… only about 30% of the shit i think about, or the stories ive told to my friends about some shit actually make it to the site. alot of times i just fuckin forget to put it up here, or dont think its all that interesting… or i just be like fuck it and get lazy and never do it lol.
Ive gone back and read some of the entries ive published and its like im reading it for the first time sometimes… i forget alot of the shit i say. it may be funny to some one else, or somebody might always remember some shit i said for whatever reason, but to me, im just talkin. its kind of like trying to remember EVERYTHING youve ever said, in any respects. alot of the times i dont say shit to be funny or mean or whatever on purpose. thats really how a nigga is, its just me talkin. i probably can only remember… ummm less than a quarter of the shit ive written on here. ( but i bet if i see that shit some where else ill remember! dont fuck with me! lol thivin ass muthafuckas lol )

so i guess what im saying is… untill muthafuckas start paying me to write blog entries… anybody anxious to read a new entry from me, or even will take it upon themselves to actually REQUEST that i write a new blogger entry…. is at the mercey of my mood, schedule, and lazyness… which all fluxuate with out warning. and thats what it is. sorry… ( not really lol )

i dont mean to come across on some diva like shit or like im special or anything. but ive really been asked… by more than a few people… and more than once. so here is my answer, that i dont plan on repeating.

so blam… i wrote something.

and oh yes… the title has absolutley nothing to do with the actual content of this entry. lol i just thought that it would be funny for somebody to actually read the whole damn entry, waiting for me to talk about how i can buss the robot.


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