Uhmah Park

i guess marketing does work sometime…

the last three times ive been to walmart ( one of the most crackinest places ever… i should honestly write about walmart ) ive gone to the hygine (sp) section and looked for Axe body deordorant… that shit with the commercial where they spray that shit… and females lose they gotdamn mind and molest the person who has it on… yea that shit lol yes… i bought the damn hype lol… but anyway… back to my fricken story.

so the last three times ive tried to pick some up… why in the fuck is there NEVER any there?!?!? ( apprantly alot of people bought the hype ) they have a spot for the shit… and the shelves be fuckin empty!! or either the only bottles left are the one that nobody likes ( because honestly that one thats always left over, doenst crack all that much ) and the more popular ones… BUT them shits is always fuckin half empty from muhfuckas trying to smell that shit in the store!!! but i guess three times is indeed a charm… or the time you say fuck it and take a L… because this time i picked up two bottles of that shit…

i got ” Voodoo ” one and the ” Kilo ” one. ive only used the voodoo and i put that shit on before i went to the mall… but sadly… i wasnt molested lol… but muhfuckas was lookin at me like they knew me… but that always happens… so nothin really happens when you put that shit on. other than you thinking that you smell nothing short of hella great.

but fuck it lol… it does smell hella good so it cracks.

i recommend any male who happens to read this shit… go pick some up ( if you can find some ) it cracks.