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I bet President Obama wishes he could play this kind of defense

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Accountability in the U.K. – David Cameron Kills it
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This was fucking hilarious!! I cant believe the elected officials in England get to talk to each other like that! Its kinda great, if you ask me lol. I love a good insult, and I know the elected officials here in America could sling the most vicious insults through the halls of congress! It would be hilarious. If President Obama could talk to congress like this, Im sure he would have a field day lol. He is cold enough at the White House Correspondence Dinner, imagine if he wasnt making jokes, but he was seriously going at somebody like David Camron was? Imagine him talking to somebody like Eric Cantor like that, or Joe Wilson (the “you lie!” guy). Id love it. But Im sure with all the racist elected officials there are in this country, President Obama would have been called a Nigger by now. Theres no way they could hold back, this man is sharp lol. Old white people usually take exception to that lol.

I honestly dont understand why our politicians cant do this. It would be great for everybody lol.