Uhmah Park

For your pleasure and or entertainment.

a random conversation, between the killa and I

TheKillaCal: what up nigga?
O 2tha J: sigh… shit
O 2tha J: just got finish wrasslen with my computer
TheKillaCal: who won?
TheKillaCal: LOL…cuz my computer be DDTing me
TheKillaCal: then putting a snake on me
O 2tha J: me nigga!
O 2tha J: LMAO
O 2tha J: hell naw lmao
O 2tha J: nigga i aint gonna lie… i had to grit out a victory tho lol
TheKillaCal: LOL…this nigga was shaking his finger like Hulk Hogan
TheKillaCal: hulking out and shit
O 2tha J: LMAO!!!!!!
O 2tha J: ALSDFAOFJ!!!!!!!!!!! LMAFODF!!!!!!! FUCK! LMOA

lol niggas is dumb.

The picture of the baby is the fucking GUTS to me, holy shit.