Uhmah Park

Back for our first installment of Soup Theater this new NBA season! And its a fricken doozie!!!! (i said it!). So maybe Melo saw my Chicken Nuggets Number 15 Mcdonalds special video and came back focused to make his mark this season and try to get to the finals. (Kobe and my Lakers are gonna have much to do and say about that). I see you Melo! Good lord!! He wasnt bullshitting… He’s back

He didnt even give it to him with the off arm too tough he just rose up and embarrassed that big ass nigga! Shit!! Hubbie Brown, bless his heart, tried to warm him as he threw it… “BAD PASS BAD PASS!!” Clearly he didnt hear him. Also this dumb fuck Milsap would have jumped even if he was warned. Honesltly, he’ll probably jump again. Hopefully he does.