Uhmah Park

Around 11:30 minutes into this interview, Charlie Weis, The head coach of the Norte Dame football team, reminiscences over a conversation he had with Bush 43 regarding being trashed in the media.

Weis is asked something about a funny conversation he has had while being coach of Norte Dame. He says Bush 43 asked him how he handles being trashed in the media. Weis says he replies that he doesnt pay much attention to the media at all. Bush then replies, Neither do I and they share this humongous laugh. Then from there the conversation continues on and he talks about the type of player that goes to Norte Dame. Peep.

Now here we have Bush and Weis.Bush who has fucked up the country over the last 8 years. We all know about that. But take this person who has done as poor of a job at something as this man has. Then take the reason why (which I dont think alot of people look at). The reason why Bush does such a poor job is because of what he believes in and the way he believes things should be done. The result? Dont have too look too hard to see what thinking like that will get you. One of the ways you get there, clearly then, would be not even bothering to consider listening to the media. Fuck them, what do they know? They are just other people with outside opinions. Granted some overly ridiculous and based in zero truth or fact or common sense even some time.


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