Uhmah Park


i hate when imma type something in this muhfucka and i forget what i was about to say.

so fuck it…

imma just post me and tha homie drew convo

this nigga can sell ice to a eskimo

talk a dogg offa meat truck…


can talk the devil into turning on tha AC

heres how lol:

Me: you said havent i heard what?

Tha homie : its cool im havin fun

Me: lol i feel that tho lol

Me: all day lol

Tha homie : that i can talk a dogg ofa meat truck

Tha homie : lol

Me : givin females a hard time is tha number one nigga past time in america


Me: YEA NIGGA!! lmao

Tha homie : lololololol

Me: nigga you could talk tha devil into turnin on tha AC lol

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : thas tite

Tha homie : lol

Me: lol you know you could…

Tha homie : id try

Me: be like… belziabalb lol

Tha homie : lolo

Me: look homie… its hot

Me: real hot

Me: i cant mack bitches…

Me: if im sweatin all gotdamn day….

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : LMAO

Me: now i dont see why it cant be a tad bit cooler out this muhfucka

Me: dogg… why should it be hot?

Me: everybody who here… know why they here

Me: why cant we have a good time?

Tha homie : lol

Me: we knew we was commin

Tha homie : lol

Me: we wasnt scared then…

Tha homie : lol

Me: and we aint scared now

Me: just hot as fuck

Me: dogg….

Tha homie : lol

Me: tha ac…

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : olol

Me: come on now… foreal

Tha homie : hahahah

Me: just… dogg

Me: foreal…

Me: naw foreal…

Tha homie : is hot

Me: just turn it on for 10 min

Me: ill levae you alone

Me: i just wanna fuck that bitch over there

Me: just give me 10 min

Me: dogg

Tha homie : come on the coolers close to you too

Me: lmao!!!

Me: YOU KNO!!!

Me: lmao

Tha homie : lol

Me: ooh shit

Tha homie : LMAO

Tha homie : tha guts im savin this shit


Tha homie : lol

ill remember what i was gonna say eventually.