Uhmah Park

Or anybody else for that matter. lol

Since I’ve started fucking with twitter, Ive noticed that you find your self explaining what the fuck Twitter is. Shits difficult. Before I joined, I just didnt fucking get it myself. I think Liz tried to explain it to me a few times, but I still didnt fucking get it. And I’ve been on the internet since 97 lol. To tell the truth, even after I joined the shit I still didnt really get the point of it. But eventually, lol I got it.

So once you join Twitter, you find your self explaining what the fuck Twitter is to people who used to be just like you lol. And you will quickly find, the shit is kinda difficult. Sometimes youre in the middle of trying to tell somebody what the fuck Twitter is, and you find your self, asking yourself. Self, this sounds kinda silly, why do i fuck with this shit again? lol.

I think the real reason that I started fucking with Twitter, was so I could get down to the bottom of what twitter really was. Not really, I was bored and needed something new to fuck with after I got bored with Facebook. So after being blowed and fucking with Twitter for a lil while now. One day I was at a party, and dont ask me how, but somebody started talking about Twitter and of course, somebody asked what Twitter was. And as I sat there and watched (dont remember who it was) try to explain that shit, and served up a cup full of confusion lol. I was pretty drunk and high, sitting watching whoever it was just get more confused, and it kinda just came to me! Ive been on the net for a long time, and I started off in Yahoo chat. It seems alot of people who got on the internet around that time, they did alot of chat rooming. So I know chat, when I see chat. Twitter is alot like chat, a BIG ASS Chat room. So this is what I had to tell this person, and I they basically got it. So I’ve been telling people the same shit, some still dont get it. And I wouldnt call these people dumb, I’d just say they just couldnt wrap their head around it still. Some people just cant see shit in their head like that. (dumb asses lol)

Twitter is alot like chat. Lets just say, youre in a room full of people saying random bullshit. But you dont have to listen to it all. You can select the people you want to listen to (which is called “following”). And while listening to the people you want to listen to. You can reply to the random bullshit somebody said. All the while, you can put your random bullshit in the air, and if what you have to say, somebody else wants to hear. They will too, start listening to you. Possibly replying to the random bullshit you have said.
And like anything else, depending on who you are, and what the fuck you have to say, more and more people will start to listen. In any case, if you have something to sell or promote, this is another way to get the word out about your site… to some degree. With anything, it depends how you work it and what you want out of it.

Youre on your own from there. Because the next set of questions I SUPER fucking hate. So ummm, where can I get a twitter program? Do I have to go to the site just to put stuff up? So on and so on. Thats when I usually abandon the conversation lol. I hate explaining shit and not getting paid for it. And when I do get paid for it, I charge ALOT more. Fuck that. Knowledge is power nigga. AND taxable homie. You had to pay for your college education, you gotta cheese a nigga off for this big bag of internet knowledge Im sitting on over here. And of course, you have the option not to. You also have the option of teaching your self. Like I did. Enjoy. The choice is yours homie. Im getting paid either way. Its just a matter of how much. I could go on and on. lol.

But you get my point. I aint explaining shit, other than go to Twitter.com and look for the good word. Or maybe find twitter fox and get to reading. I already gave you the basic concept. lol Shit, hit me up, I’ll follow you lol. Thats as far as I’m going. I suck? so what.

Honestly. They shouldnt give niggas like me, technology like this. Shits way too entertaining. On so so many levels. At least to me.


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