Uhmah Park

First let me say that Im only freelancing at the place. Im not officially an employee. This information is pertinent because the homie was the person responsible for taking the company profile photos.

We were yapping it up while he was setting the camera up and somebody asked if I was taking a picture. I was like nah, I dont officially work here. The homie was like, yea go take some test shots; then that turned into us taking test shots of how you should not take company shots profile shots lmao. It was hilarious.  I am not THIS ignorant lol. These wont be seen anywhere but here. These pictures do not represent me professionally lol. I repeat, I know I can be an ignorant bastard, but I am NOT THIS IGNORANT LOL.

Working in an office 9 to 5… actually 10 to 6.. or 5. Or whenever.. its growing on me. I dont know how you people work regular jobs that you hate though. If I hated this shit here, I dont know how I’d make it. I salute thee.

Im happy I get to do silly shit like this. I love this industry lol. This is really the best situation I couldve hoped for. Now if I could get a couple of hands out of my pocket, I’d be straight. lol