Uhmah Park

Some people ask me… say oj, how do you and your friends come up with this retarded ass shit you write about in your blogger.
And of course there is a story behind it… usually shit evolves from other shit. for example: “The Guts” evolved from when niggas used to say… “i almost busted a gut laughing at that shit”
that probably isnt going to correspond well with the shit im about to paste. but fuck it, you get the picture. anyway… this nigga dell had me rollin earlier.
oh… and dont ask me when that nigga is going to post again in his blogger, your guess is as good as mine homie.

Dell: im watchin this chris rock shit right now
Dell: this nigga is silly as fuck
Me: im watching lewis black
Me: this nigga is the muthafuckin guts!!!
Dell: “they spinnin nigga, they spinnin”
Me: LMAO!!!!
Dell: his ugliness makes him more funny
Me: you have to watch that lewis black stand up
Me: LMAO!!! this nigga lmao
Dell: for real nigga
Dell: imagine if lonnie had a stand up ( most people have no idea who lonnie is… but trust my reaction lol )
Dell: you would laugh before he told a joke
Me: fucking shit lmao!!!!!!!!
Dell: his teeth are also a gut factor multipier
Dell: multilier
Me: this nigga lmao
Dell: damn i cant type
Dell: you know it higga
Dell: cant you say im lyin?
Dell: he must have a laugh creater in his gums
Dell: creator
Dell: shit
Me: LMAO!!!
Me: shit lmao
Dell: his gums put you in a trance
Dell: does this nigga think we forgot that his eyebrows used to connect
Dell: not only did they connect, they connected like westside
Dell: if im not mistaken, his teeth were in a more tattered state
Me: they was nigga
Me: that nigga got some doe… and did what every ugly nigga should do…
Me: fix his shit up
Dell: money is a muhfuccah
Me: lol
Dell: money is the fountain of youth
Me: lmao
Dell: at least he got rid of the curl
Me: true lmao
Dell: a rich nigga wit a curl really bothers me
Me: ac green?
Dell: i migt have to question a niggas intentions
Dell: he might be a terrorist
Me: LMAO!!!!!!
Me: fashion terrorist?
Dell: no, a real terrorist
Me: lol
Dell: he might run up in a building and set his hair on fire
Dell: blow that shit up
Dell: that shit is more devestating than a car bomb
Me: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dell: world of curls is highly explosive
Dell: on some tnt shit
Dell: the government keeps a list of world of curls consumers
Dell: like niggas that buy c4 an shit
Me: L:nominate this years most ignorant black person
gutty shit.


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