Uhmah Park

i dont know why the most retarded shit happens to me… or right in front of me to witness. Sometimes that shit can be a good thing… sometimes… its a pain in the ass….

like earlier.

i have this candle in my room that smells like koolaid. i had let it sit for a few hours ( burning ) today. time goes by ( shit still burning ) and i am informed of a party. so im look cool… let a nigga get ready… yap yap. i got up… before i hoped in the shower… i cut my hair. the shit was gettin long… now when i cut my hair sometimes… im bare ass… sometime i just have some draws on. Today… i cut my hair in my draws.

So… my hair is now cut… and i get to cleanin it up. and when i was puttin up the vaccum n shit… i went to grab my candle and put it out. for whatever reason… i forgot that this shit was HALF FULL with HOT ASS burn a nigga wax… i picked the shit up all fast and tilted it at the same time… why did all that hot ass burn a nigga wax jump out at me!!!
i leaned over to blow the candle at the same time i picked it up… so all that shit was coming for my face… luckly… so i was able to jerk my head back…
but… my cheast wasnt so damn lucky… neither was my stomach…… draws.. dick and nuts….. and inner thigh. That shit splashed the fuck outta me. if i had cut my hair bare ass… my man would have fuckin GOT IT… REAL BAD.. the majority of that shit was on my chest and braws… and only a lil bit got on a nigga dick and nuts. i let out a big ass… AHHHH SSSSHHHIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! and kept goin after that because the shit was hot.. melted and burned the SHIT outta me, for a bout a good 8 to 11 seconds… then… cooled off and harded… and a nigga DOES have a lil bit of hair on his cheast… but… now… there is a fuckin BIG ASS PATCH where that shit WAS. there is a whole trail of missing hair from my cheast to my stomach where my draws was at… and luckly for me that shit didnt get on a nigga public hairs lol. and my Man is alright too… lol it burned like a muthafucka at first… but it didnt last long… i had to pick that shit off in the shower tho lol. no need to worry… i checked it all out… and its still functional lol

i wasnt even blowed when that shit happen ( i am now tho! ). i dont know what the fuck i was thinking.
imma black out… a patch on my chest feels all bare and naked tho… i dont know how females handle that shit. i thought it got me more than it did at first… a nigga paniced lol that was a bunch of fuckin hair just to be rippin out a nigga shit. lol i keep lookin down and rubbin it like the shit is gonna come back lol


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