Uhmah Park

man… i havent played basketball since the summer..

and my black ass is HELLA SORE

( i balled yesterday )

ran like 4 games in a row… by game 2 i was tired as fuck

by game 4 i was damn near dead.

but me, brutha dub and some of tha other homies are joining this adult league that starts in May.

and im tryin to get in shape and work on my game a tad.

hopefully i dont fuck around and kill my self before then.

only thing tho… i wish people wouldnt block me out so much… so i could catch somebody (s) on a follow. dammit.


i was more than happy to spring forward… means more daylight time to ball. and it means its gettin hotter… and a nigga can fuckin wear shorts now. and ball outside more. ( because i cant find a cool gym to save my fuckin life )

and to all the people who have been asking…

i havent been posting anything for a couple reasons…

1 im not here to entertain no damn body… ( reguardless on how entertaining people tell me this shit is lol )

2 i dont feel like it

3 i dont have shit to say right now really.

4 ive been working ( kinda lol )

5. im gonna redo my site… and flash is a pain in my black ass….

and ive been tryin to fucking MOVE. i HATE the place i stay. ( im in reseda right now ) and im lookin for another spot to live in the greater los angeles area. i had TWO places locked in… but tha shit fell thru for whatever reasons both times. but i know i need to get outa this muhfucka tho… imma fuck around and catch a case here. this whole apt building is fulla shit. if i could find a nice house to rent… id be in heaven…