Camera Phone Calamities

Hint Hint…

The other day i was coming from a clients office, walking back to my car, and i noticed that this SUV has a flyer on it. But oddly enough, no other cars had flyers on the window.

So my curiosity immediately caught fire. i moozied on over to said  vehicle with said would be flyer and this is what it was:

I was puzzled. I asked myself, now why is it, that this is the only car on this whole long ass street, that has this flyer on it? Then it hit me. The owner of this vehicle must have children, and they heads must be a mess. And by chance, some guy that does kids hair, saw that the owner of this car was in need of some kids hair assistance lol… and decided to make them selves more available.
Hint Hint, say, i noticed your childrens hair was a little fucked up there. Let me introduce myself… my name is Bryan, i specialize in doing childrens hairsytling.

Now i dont know about anybody else… but if somebody suggested that i couldnt do my own kids head, and this is how they told me… id be a lil pissed. Amused! But still pissed slightly at least lol. This is a pretty cold notification that YOU got your kids in public, and they hair is all fucked up lol.  Mind you this was on a big ass SUV, like a Surburban. So its likely that there was more than one kid with they hair all fucked up n shit. There aint no way you have one kid and you are pushing a huge ass surburban. Who evers car this is… they should probably be ashamed of themselves for having they kids out there with they hair fucked up. I honestly dont even know how to comb a girls hair. But if i had a lil girl, her hair wouldnt be fucked up enough for somebody to take it upon theyself to offer me they services like this lol.

Also too, i do realize this could go totally different from what im thinking…  the guy who is hooking up these kids heads… he could have just seen the owner of this vehicle had some kids with them. And is an ambitions go getter, plugging his services at every opportunity . But, i like to think the worst of people, so im going to go with, the owner having tacky kids lol.

These niggas should have never given me a Camera Phone!!

Wait till i get the video crackin off!

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Thinking the worst of people…thats cold bizz, but I know first hand that it’s true.

No need to change what works. Respect Due to Brian, trying to make that paper!!!

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