People It Must Suck To Be

Hey, You’re Tom Right?

lol how many entries am i gonna write about this muthafucka Tom of fame?

I was talkin to my main man The Killa and he was telling me that was fucked up and down, and had been down all gotdamn night…. yet again. This of course, is no REAL big surprise to anybody who has ever logged in to that gotdamn site more than 3 times. But whatever… i cant really say shit, because I log in anygotdamnway… just like everybody else. We live with it. But today, The Killa was fustrated. And wanted to whoop toms monkey ass because the shit was down.
I cosigned of course, being the nigga that i am. And I suggest to The Killa, that maybe i should hop on the 405 (aka the SLOW-O-Five) and roll to santa monica, where is supposivley located, and have a sit down with Tom. lol of course im not… but still lol.

Then it occured to us that we probably arent the only muthafuckas that have had that thought lol. And i know for a fact im not the only muthafucka in LA that had that thought. Saying to themselves, i should find this fucking place and either whoop Toms ass for a variety of reasons. One being, fustrated because the site is all fucked up… all the time, the shit runs like an ’81 caddalac. With the cloth on the roof all saggy n shit… getting old ass foam dust in your fuckin hair.

So yea, im wondering. Since this man has put is FACE across every ones myspace page at sometime… and probably used his real muthafuckin name, because im sure he had no idea that the shit would get THIS big. maybe kinda big. but this big? i dout it.
And with his fucked up hair, and white guy smile… im sure if by chance you bump into this muthafucka, and happen to reconize him, youre not going to be mistaken. Unless youre like me and think most white people look alike lol.

LA is a big ass muthafuckin place. And im more than certain a decent number of people just in santa monica alone, have myspace pages. I bet you this man Tom cant go no muthafuckin where with out being hit up in some shape form or fashion. I bet he is hella tired of hearing his own damn name at this point. Hearing that same shit over and over… "hey, youre tom right?" id go nuts lol. I wonder if anybody has tried to fight him or threatened him over thier page being deleted? LOL
My cousin got his page deleted for no reason. Shit was just gone one day. Im sure that aint the only nigga that ever happen to. lol MySpace have been up for how long? If nobody has tried to whoop tom ass some where in santa monica, or just in or around LA period. id be fucking shoked lol.

I know another thing he is tired of hearing about is his gotdamn site. Either people bitching that it was down…. or some over zelious ass nerd who wants to have a meeting right there in the middle of McDonalds and tell tom how he could improve the site and make it work better. Id really love to be around when either one of those happen. What if Tom was out to eat, and somebody who was pissed over them deleting thier page, SPIT in tom food. Now THAT would be some funny shit!

The Killa mentioned, that what if Tom was sliding niggas shade. Like NO! im not tom, go away or some shit. LOL wouldnt that be fucked up? Like dogg, the whole purpose of your site is on some friend shit. Lets be friends… we are friends. I mean hell, you was my first friend when i joined. And homie, you aint being too friendly right now! lol what the fuck? lol he would probably get his ass kicked over that lol.

So im assuming it would suck to be tom lol. Has to suck to be him right now. Until you remember that he got chipped off for myspace. Then im sure it would be a lil easier to put up with. lol

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For a company to spend $580MILLION!!!! for that janky website, you’d think they’d hire the TOP web geeks and work those errors out. I don’t even think it’s a “you get what you pay for” matter, because if it were a paysite… the same thing would happen.

I only log on if i get an email about someone adding me as a friend… because right now, i’m sick of the errors on that site. I may change my layout though… if it lets me this time. =*(

“the shit runs like an ‘81 caddalac. With the cloth on the roof all saggy n shit… getting old ass foam dust in your fuckin hair. ”

I know this car all too well. I started crackin up when I read that part. I hate them lil old ass foam dust shits! Make your hair look all ashy and shit. My granma used to have one of those and I used to make pictures in the old ass foam dust and by the time I got out the car I would look like a little orange niggette.

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