Uhmah Park

Alright… i tried not to say anything. But i cant take it any fucking more.

i’m sitting here… Watching monday night football, and they have this fucking half time segment that is the worst shit they have ever thought of! ABC and the monday night football staff apparently think it would be “COOL” to have NFL players display OTHER talents that they have. their MUSICAL talents… Sigh. This shit has got to be the lamest 15 min.. of suppose to be masculine TV ever. not including any golf telecast, ever, of course. the fuckin players on this shit are painfully lame. lamer than anybody 90% of the muhfuckas to ever be on any blind date episode. i really wish i could get a notice out to somebody saying “IM NOT IMPRESSED” over and over and over again on 10 sheets of paper in small ass print.


show something else… what happen to dennis miller? he was the fucking GUTS!!! damn he was funny as fuck. but his jokes went over most peoples heads. damn… at least bring back 7 days to monday night… that shit was WAYYYYYYYYY better than a punk ass half time segment that makes me wonder about if thier are really more gay ass nfl players than we know about.

anyway…. i have more to say… but the game is back on.

fuckin shit.


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