Uhmah Park


jay-z is gonna fuck around and get his ballon popped… striaght up!!!


da clan’s after me now, haha,it’ll neva stop..& it’s only a matter of time before Meth signs wit da roc”

“i’ll sun ya men,kill ya army…i’m no stranger to danger,put holes in ya 36 chambers,from 36 chambers”

“ain’t no need to ask, of course it’s war..with the 9 “brothas” who can’t win 1 source award”

“it’s funny how i thought i’d never diss..a bunch’ of “brothas” whose carreers fell off after the double disc.”

“it’s too many of ya’ll..i can’t keep up with the names..it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that ya’ll “brothas” is lame..over the R.O.C. all ya got is a video game..but ain’t nobody playin, do you ya’ll hear what ya’ll sayin”

“we run this rap “, takeover is real..crappadonna & u-god didn’t out sell Amil”

i’m young & filthy rich,ya’ll just some old dirty bastards”

“When my toast raise you’ll really have a ghost face

dont worry bout my air play, i’ll leave you hunched by a stair way

you broke, aint got enough for cabs fare pay

jigga, still the king of their game

how you real when your albums softer than purple rain

and if i really want to hurt this worthless lame

i dont need a milly to your purses change

if your wallets bulletproof, why you have those holes in the bottom and ish?, so change the name

you speak bull not the truth, spittin gibberish on hot beats doesn’t make you the hottest, the range is flame

you creeps aint selling jack, wack ryhmes you aint ballin, you lost

and if the wu keeps coming back, how many times has it fallen off

you went from 36 chambers, to forever crap

i’ll treat you like judas at the major, and take you out back

its the final straw, now your in danger, dont ever say the gods name in vein, only in prayer

i’ll you hunt you down in staten, and and blast that wack “butt” chain

im taking all comers, take a number

from the runners to the kings, but protect your head like rubbers, so i dont penetrate the brain”

man fuck that…

i like jay…. but ( if this shit is foreal ) he blew it on that one.

i remember hearing ghost say somethin about all you hear on tha radio was X and Jigga…

but i think he was more like SO WHAT more than anything.

in conclusion…

jay may sell records…

but the WU shit is fuckin hard.