Uhmah Park

im sleepy as hell… watching the thanks takings football game.

and i had a thought.

I have never seen a cute dwarf.

not just a short person… but like a ginuwine dwarf.

why arent there any?

im a pretty traveled guy… ive seen alotta shit.

but not a cute drawf.

i wonder why that is?

i mean… i understand that they are little…

that shouldnt stop them from being cute?

ive seen plently of dwarf females…. they were all……. dwarf lookin. just not cute or nothin… and ive never heard any of the females i know say they knew a cute lil man dwarf.

to me… it would seem at least possible for there to be a cute dwarf… there are nice lookin tall muhfuckas…. fat muhfuckas… skinny muhfuckas….

why no cute dwarfs?

not that i would actually be with one lol….

im just too damn tall… that would NEVER work lol

its bad enough talking to muhfuckas who is virturally midgets anyway…

5’2 and 3 quarters ( according to my ex ) i was like 6’5 at tha time… (6’6” now)

that shit was difficult lol

but anyway….. i am baffeled by this.

fuck it