Uhmah Park

I live with-in FIVE minutes of THREE el pollo locos ( mexican fast food place, well kinda, they grill the chicken right there ) but tonite… one spot looked like all the employees evaporated or some shit, all tha windows was foggy… shit looked like a bazar murder scene… then we went to tha other one… they was on some bullshit… talkin about we dont accept credit cards thru drive thru, and then… tha muthafuckin dining room was closed. fuckin bastards… So we go to tha last one, and the manager comes to the window like naw we’re closed.

Me and syl is sittin there starvin, and im like fuck it… we will criuse ( not surf lol ) around this muthafucka and find some where to eat on the way to Jerry’s.

Less than 300 yards into our journey, we see some resturant in tha cut that was open… and hit that big ass left turn from tha right lane into tha drive way.

To make a long story short… WE CAME THE FUCK UP!! that place got some GOOD ASS Mexican food… good lord! my stomach is PLEASED with me. on some gold medal shit. Im sittin here typin like im hella hyped but in all actuality im hella sleepy because that niggaitis is startin to kick in….

i needa nap or someshit… damn.