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Hace Frio!

Thats spanish for its fucking cold holmes.


I took this picture on Senson. As in the Senson Fires lol. As in… thats why the earth looks kinda fuckin cooked lol.There used to be grass and trees and what not up there. Then the fire came and burned all that shit up. That left chard earth and black dirt. But now there is snow… on top of the dirt lol. But damn man… S I G H ! ! !

Im not really a fan of the snow when its forced down your damn throat. I like when its far away and an option. Thats what being from Los Angeles is all about dammit lol. This is practically an atrocity lol.

O2thaJ: dogg… did you see the snow?
Retro Inspired: ?
Retro Inspired: where
O2thaJ: on the hills
O2thaJ: up the street from me
O2thaJ: i woke up
O2thaJ: there was fucking snow where the fire was lol
O2thaJ: i put pics on facebook / Flickr
Retro Inspired: jesus
Retro Inspired: truth is, im not tryna see no motherfucking snow out here
O2thaJ: THANK YOU!!!!!!
Retro Inspired: that’s why its the fucking valley
O2thaJ: muhfuckas out here aint trying to deal with the cold, or snow lol
Retro Inspired: moderate temperatures FTW
O2thaJ: highfive!

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