On GP (General Purposes)

Gutty thoughts…

i was just thinking of some shit

remember this shit?

what if you have to old ass white annoucers up there commentating that game?

like have John Madden and tha other old guy up there…

like today:

Old Guy: live from East Los Angeles Califorina……we have the Los Angeles Vatos… Vs. The New Jersey Car Theives. This should be a dandy…

John Madden: YEA! The LA Vatos are hard hitting… and like to run the ball striaght at you… BOOM! the New Jersey Car Theives like to use their quickness and throw long passes… this should be a real good match up! Two Real Good teams!

Old Guy: yea john… cant wait to get it underway

John Madden: well whats tha hold up?

Old Guy: well… i am getting a report of a drive by in the parking lot… the tight end was whonded (sp)

John Madden: oh no… you just hate to see that… last time we were here there was a drug raid in the locker room!

Old Guy: yea…. hey John… what exactly is a “vato”?

John Madden: well… i think its the same thing as a gang member… just tha latino version!

Old Guy: oh? ok. i thought it was some sort of car or weapon of some sort.

John Madden: *because he always has the last word* nope… just a plain ol gang banger… had a couple on my team back in the 70’s

Old Guy: really?

John Madden: Yup… Paco Martinez and Joker… real great guys… monsters on the feild!

lol im trippin lol

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