Uhmah Park

i was sittin at my computer(s) minding my own damn bidness…

when i looked out the window to see the manager of my apt building in a twism shirt.

now this normally wouldnt be that funny ( other than tha fact that nobody is wearing that shit anymore ) but…. tha manager of my building is a white lady.

an middle aged white lady

who looks like Janis Joplin…

long ass nasty hair… hippied out…

she always looks like she has on her pj’s

actually… she looks like a nerdy version of Janis Joplin… because she wears THICK ass classes… striaght coke bottles.

and her voice is hard on the ears… hard as fuck… it sounds like her vocal cords are made of the midgrade sand paper.

and she has cigerette man teeth… you know like tha guy from x files? but hers are darker… and slightly spreed apart… as if each one of her teeth thinks that tha tooth next to them has bad breath. it looks like they are tryin to talk to each other… but just far enough back so they dont have expericnce the other tooths pungent ass breath.

but yea… she had on a big ass TWISM shirt… look like she got shaq him self for that shit..

i just thought that shit was so funny.

but it could just be me.

more to come… im not done… i just gotta leave.