Uhmah Park


First of all. Im not one of those assholes who think OJ killed nicole and got off. I dont know if he did or didnt. I think there was tons of doubt. And like the fuck ups they are, the LAPD blew the investigation. White people need to be me mad at the LAPD. Not OJ. Just think White people, we could all get together and hate the LAPD together. Then we could get some real change crackin off lol. Anyway. No matter what you think about OJ Simpsons inocent, this picture is fucking hilarious. No matter if you think he got WAY too much gotdamn time for the Vegas crimes. This shit is still funny as fuck.

LOL poor guy though, Nevada has some tough ass laws. And they will throw the book at your ass.

But once again during this trail, I was reminded on how FINE, OJ Simpsons older daughter is. Which only makes me remember how his daughter with Nicole looks like the eagle from the muppet show lol. Sam The Eagle. LOL


LOL to make the murder complete lol If she really had a voice any where close to this, I think I’d die lol.

Snatched From: http://www.whiterabbitcult.com/oj-simpsonwhat-happens-in-vegasstays-in-vegas/


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