Uhmah Park

i was gonna buss some shit… but i changed my damn mind….

please enjoy a convo had earlier by O.com and Brutha Dub had over yahoo messenger.

The names of the hella guilty have been changed so they will remained unbothered


all jokes cracked about any celeberties was done in good fun and are not to be taken personally lol

Brutha Dub: you fucked my day up by sendeing those freeway pics

O.com: LMAO

O.com: why is that??

Brutha Dub: nigga wahts to change everything

O.com: LMAO!!!

O.com: hell naw

O.com: just do two nigga

O.com: do one

O.com: and do a…………………………………. remix if you will lol

Brutha Dub: lmao

Brutha Dub: some puffy shit?

O.com: yea nigga lol

Brutha Dub: uh huh, ….yeah

Brutha Dub: lol

O.com: lol

O.com: did you get them niggas?

O.com: LOL

Brutha Dub: lol!!!!

Brutha Dub: hold up

O.com: LOL

Brutha Dub: nigga those pics made it even worse

O.com: lol hell naw

Brutha Dub: i gotta get my jermaine dupree on i guess

O.com: LOL

O.com: what?

Brutha Dub: ….this is a so so def remix

Brutha Dub: lol

O.com: LOL!!!!!

O.com: featuring lil bow wow?

Brutha Dub: lol

Brutha Dub: naw that shit got guliani and jayo felony

O.com: lmao nooooooo

Brutha Dub: shit is called body bags

O.com: naw nigga… fabolus and missy

Brutha Dub: lips and hips?

O.com: lmao hell naw body bags?? lol thas skanless

O.com: LOL!!!

Brutha Dub: and more lips

O.com: LMAO!!

Brutha Dub: and some more hips

Brutha Dub: naw nigga that aint scanless

Brutha Dub: that marc jackson trade….

O.com: lol naw fuck it then if its lips nigga

Brutha Dub: that was scanless

Brutha Dub: lol

O.com: do fabolus missy and jay z lol

O.com: oh yea it was

Brutha Dub: lol

Brutha Dub: that is scanless see nigga

Brutha Dub: jimmy walker is the dj

O.com: lmao!!!!!!!

O.com: and mary j singin the hook

Brutha Dub: damn

Brutha Dub: naw put angie stone on the hook

O.com: LOL

O.com: keep the ugly train goin lol

Brutha Dub: lmao

Brutha Dub: scanless ass nigga

O.com: LOL!!

Brutha Dub: should that nigga from 112 join the gap band?

O.com: LMAO!

O.com: damn nigga see your tha skanless one

Brutha Dub: naw brutha i got that shit from you

O.com: your fulla shit home boy

O.com: fuck that lol

Brutha Dub: this nigga pointed at a niggas curl and told him he had a curl

Brutha Dub: kinna shit is that

Brutha Dub: SCANLESS

O.com: LMAO!!!!!

Brutha Dub: thas what it is

O.com: whatever nigga

Brutha Dub: naw nigga not whatever this shit will be documented in the book of


Brutha Dub: you did that shit

O.com: lol fuck that shit

Brutha Dub: you even had activator on your finger nigga

Brutha Dub: i saw it

Brutha Dub: it was drippin an shit

Brutha Dub: a nigga slipped and dislocated his hip when that shit came off your


O.com: lmao hell naw nigga

O.com: your hypin it!!

Brutha Dub: naw nigga

Brutha Dub: theo saw it

O.com: but shit… he was rockin the troop jerry curl nigga

Brutha Dub: TROOP?

Brutha Dub: hell naw

Brutha Dub: lmao

O.com: nigga you was there you saw it…

O.com: i just didnt want it to go unoticed

Brutha Dub: its true

O.com: see…

O.com: so how am i scanless…

Brutha Dub: but you didnt have to say troop

Brutha Dub: and point nigga

O.com: he put it out there for muhfuckas to see… i was just helpin HIM out

Brutha Dub: you even verbally communicated the fact

Brutha Dub: he knew nigga

Brutha Dub: he had to spray all that shit on there

O.com: but everybody else didnt

O.com: LOL!!

Brutha Dub: prob lee took him a good hour and a half

O.com: lol

O.com: see now…

Brutha Dub: i dontr see shit

Brutha Dub: your scanless

O.com: if tha muthafucka went thru all that effort…. to do that shit… i

mean… how am i scanless… for helpin him out??

O.com: thas what i dont get….

Brutha Dub: nigga scoured the mall for a glimse at a nigga so he could clown

Brutha Dub: hunted the nigga down

Brutha Dub: with your scanless senses

Brutha Dub: i tried to give the

picture nigga the benifiet of the doubt

Brutha Dub: said it might be jordan on his shit

Brutha Dub: micheal jackson or some shit

Brutha Dub: …no you had to hunt the nigga down to verify

Brutha Dub: …just to clown

O.com: sorry nigga i had to go make some faces

real fast….


O.com: but once again….

Brutha Dub: naw nigga

O.com: THAT NIGGA THERE…. went and troubled HISSELF to find a badge necklace….

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!!!

O.com: THEN! go in his mammas shit… and find a picture of him self…

O.com: STEAL IT…..

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!!!

O.com: then….. clip it to tha badge shit…. and make it stay…

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!!!

O.com: so he could rock that shit around tha fuckin mall….

Brutha Dub: see nigga

Brutha Dub: scanless

O.com: now… if that muthafucka went thru all that fuckin trouble…

Brutha Dub: damn..

Brutha Dub: that was the guts

O.com: he must have wanted tha public to get something out of it…

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!!!!!!!

O.com: now… i dont know tha stupid bastard personally….

Brutha Dub: scanless

O.com: so i cant tell you tha exact responce tha nigga was shootin for..

O.com: but… hey…. his overall agenda was reached….

O.com: if anything nigga imma philantropist

O.com: helping those who i see need help in achiving thier goals

Brutha Dub: nigga im outta here im finna go see the wash matinee style

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!!!!!!

Brutha Dub: WHAT????

O.com: oooh aight nigga… tell me how that shit was

O.com: ahh naw nigga listen…

Brutha Dub: your dumb as fuck nigga

O.com: when a muhfucka put on some shit…

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!!

Brutha Dub: aight

Brutha Dub: tootles

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!

Brutha Dub: shut up nigga

O.com: like lets say…. he gets some finger waves… and some hammer pants..

and some nike cortez right….

O.com: he put that shit on…

O.com: and he had to check tha mirror to make sure he was straight right?

O.com: nigga finger waves aint easy to put in….

Brutha Dub: ok

O.com: nike cortez aint exactly easy to find no more;….

Brutha Dub: and

O.com: this man went thru some shit….

O.com: so… if he put forth alllll that effort…

O.com: at least i could spread the word… and make sure his efforts dont go


Brutha Dub: LMAO!!!!!!!!!

O.com: now you tell me… am i scanless? or am i tryin to make this world a

better place for people who wouldnt normally get attention?

O.com: if i didnt say shit… muhfuckas would miss out

Brutha Dub: you have a point

O.com: i know i do!

O.com: nigga they are gonna make a new chapter in the bible for me!

O.com: or just put me on the 11

o clock news… one of em… shit… same effect

Brutha Dub: shut up nigga

Brutha Dub: LMAO!!

– and you know whats really sad about this whole shit?

i bet there is some dumb bastard out there who read that whole shit and said to there self… whats wrong with fingerwaves and nike cortex?

lol damn…