Uhmah Park

gutty convos lol

this shit is just sad

if i woulda had this shit up about 2 or 3 years ago… oh boy… niggas aint seen shit. some bullshit happens to me and my cousin jd, we just run into it. alot of times its shit that muhfuckas would really catch on to, and alotta times… lol we cant believe we witness some of tha shit we witness lol. we run into dumb shit when we off on our own… but when we go some where together… damn.

anyway… buss this shit

my cousin JD: I forgot to ask you if you wanted to hear something funny

me: buss it

my cousin JD: My mom told me, she went to talk to my Uncles girlfriend about the terrorist attacks..and she said she doesnt know whats going on

my cousin JD: Becuz

my cousin JD: she doesnt watch the news or read the newspaper

me: what?!?!?!?!?

my cousin JD: Becuz

my cousin JD: she doesnt wanna know when bad things like this are happening

me: oh no lol

my cousin JD: Nigga i was fuckin guttin my ass off

me: she didnt even know about tha wtc?

my cousin JD: nope

me: oh my

my cousin JD: Nigga that is going outta your way to be ignorant

my cousin JD: and not only that

my cousin JD: she proved it to me

me: LMAO!!!

me: imma have to put this shit on my blogger

my cousin JD: She yelled towards the kitchen hey Pete did you see the news, the US just bombed in Afghanastan, nigga she stepped straight out the house

my cousin JD: into the garage

my cousin JD: and came back a few minutes later whistling some happy tune

my cousin JD: like wasnt shit of in importance going on

me: oh wow

my cousin JD: that is some sad shit

my cousin JD: but at last it is the gutz

me: yes brutha!

that shit had me rollin