Uhmah Park

I know for sure, Im not the only person out there who watches Cavemen on ABC. I might be one of two Black people that watch this show though, because out of most of my friends that Ive polled (the majority of whom happen to be Black like myself) none of them watch the show. Except for my cousin JD, and I dont know if he still watches it.

Anyway, here we have a show where FINALLY the guys in hollywood get to be racist, and EVERYBODY thinks its funny. I mean, I personally think its the fucking guts. I really appreciate the shit they get away with on this show. Ive havent heard ANY ONE bitch about how openly racist that show is.
And here is why I say Finally. Because, as far as I can remember, every show that has ever had “regular” people treating another group of “odd” people differently in the open.. They were like aliens, or some kind of animal or some other off brand shit, and most times, sex was really out of the fucking question. This shit here… is actually HUMANS being treated DIFFERENTLY in the open by OTHER HUMANS. Discrimination, stereotypes and bigotry, all over the place. Whole show most of the time. Its the fuckin guts, I swear. For example… there are three cave men that live in one apt. The land lady, this old white bird, trifflin as fuck, janky as fuck, all that – of course, this bitch cant tell these three muhfuckas apart. Come on now.

But the thing about it is, they take every stereotype you can and throw it in there some how. Actually, its most of the stereotypes Black people are faced with. At least those are the ones I recognize for the most part lol. But whatever lol we’ll just pretend for now. I dont watch the show sober no how, so I could be making this all up, and the whole shit could not be funny at all.

So like I was saying, there is no disputing that “cavemen” are in fact a kind of human. Not far off from what “we” are now. Yet… they are different. But, conveniently, as the commercials that spawned the whole show in the first place have taught us… cavemen arent really real… “anymore”, but now from the commercials, they are. So basically, you have a situation where you have a “race” of people who arent “really around anymore” but for the sake of the show they are and have been and we didnt know about it. Also as a convenience, we all just happen to have an idea of how they “were” at “one point”. So now they are all ready made with stereotypes, of various uncivilized this, they are violent that, self hate issues, we’re so different issues, be proud of who you are and where you come from yap yap yap… when clearly, they can be civilized too( – Word to Bill O’reilly and his punk ass. ) And they have the same issues that all ethnic people have and that white people can identify with on some level some how. (im not gonna ask any questions here)
But this is funny, if you dont have a MAJOR stick up your ass.. because not only is it not you being a victim of hollywoods jokes and open racisim, but its not your friends either!!! So there is no guilt!! No only being offended when your caveman friend is around, No sneaking those dirty words under your breath. No having to be obligated to beat somebody ass if you do happen to hear them say that word, or even tell your caveman friend lol!! lol none of that shit lol. Then to make the murder complete, the dudes on the show are WAYYY to bitchy for any ethnic group to identify with all the way, even if they wanted to. Unless they just happen to be a bitch ass person. I’d suggest that Bill O could identify well, but I doubt he could ever be that funny and that bitchy at the same time lol
So youre free to laugh at all this open racisim, because its not directed at anybody thats really “real” yet and and still they borrow real issues from every ethnic group and laugh at them as they are made into this that and teach us a lesson or whatever at the end of the show when everybody comes to their respective resolves and what not.
But as far as I can see it, most of the episodes Ive seen, they didnt have any of the typical resolve. Its actually kind of a fucked up resolve of somebody being a bitch ass person in the first place. Kind of like sienfield episode. Which is why everybody loved that show. Which is why I think I like this show.

You know what, if you havent seen the show, take a look for your self: (this is a short by the way, the show goes nothing like this at all)


Sigh, lol if you dont see that shit, then your bad lol. Shits fuckin halarious. A “shaver”, homie? Its who you are inside that counts?? lol man! I really cant take it. The people that write this show are so full of shit. Its great! I love it. As bitchy as these three muthafuckas are. And the 4th caveman that just comes out of no where randomly? Its like hes a tame caveman will farrell, just way funnier to me. I’ll take a moment to throw my own predictable stereotype in the bunch and give an ol’ “The 4th random caveman is off the chain, word!!”
And thats all I have to say about that.

As I did mention before though, Ive never watched this show sober, so I could be wrong about this. But I dont think Ive ever seen a Black person on this show. Ive never really seen any other ethnic people on this show other that white people, and hairy ass white people with fucked up faces and low brows. Like this guy on the right:

For my espn watchers, Ric Bucher is the missing link homie, I swear it!! lmao Thats the best picture I could find ( trust me, it gets way worse than this), but I turned off Cavemen, straight to sportscenter (of course!) and this muthafucka was on my HD, and had my blowed ass thinking I didnt turn Cavemen off for a second.
Poor TV people, HD is NOT being kind to yall at all. They got Ric Bucher looking like the Shaver that wrote in to the question a caveman jumpoff lol. Botoxed the fuck up lol. (Ric is gonna be pissed if he ever decided to google his name lol)
And while I have the picture there, this nigga here on the left, I think his name is Mike Terico. He looks like he is barely Black lol. He’s right at the line where you dont have to maybe wonder if thats a white guy made up as a Black man lol. To me, he also looks like he could be the first Black serial killer to eat his victims in squares. While in contrast Ric Bucher on the right over here, looks like he just clubs bitches with his big ass espn mic and drags them by the hair to this hotel room, from city to city n shit lol. (zing!)
But back to Mike Terico, you would never believe the voice that comes out of this dude. Ill just say, whatever you thought it was gonna be if you never heard it before. Thats not it, I can almost promise you that lol. This muthafucka has the most commanding voice possible to look like that. Think about it, He manages crazy coaches, athletes and anylist on espn post game pre game half time all those shows. He is a wrangler of time, information, opinion and advertising space. All with his voice lol. Amazing.


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