Uhmah Park

i droped my muthafuckin cell phone, in the muthafuckin toilet!

ugh nigga huh?

well the toilet was piss-less before i droped that bitch in there. so i escaped having to reach my hand in a piss filled toilet bowl. however… my phone was still muthafuckin folded! it was about to get back to workin for a second. then it decided to just say fuck it and the muthafucka died on me. it was a 300 dollar phone and a nigga didnt have no muthafuckin ins. ! bitch! what a dumb ass problem to have! huh?

i was all prepared to suck it up. man up. and go to verizon and shell out however much doe i had to, to get another fuckin phone. i get there and God was smiling on me today, because i get there… and the homies sister is behind the counter. now me and this girl dont know each other all that well. and she has a man she been with for a good min. so it aint like i can flirt my way into a new phone… so i just had to be like hey, remember me? Marc’s homeboy? whats good with a new phone? lol she remembered me. and hooked a nigga up. i told her what happen n shit… she was like let me see your phone…………. hold up, you cleaned it off first right? lol at first i thought i was about to have to give up 40 bucks for a battery. but nope. got off scott ass free. it goes down! i have a brand new phone. just like the one i had before. and im a happy nigga… except for the fact that i no longer have ANY of the numbers that was in my old joint. fuck it. cant win em all.
so… if i possibly had your number…. email that shit to a nigga. so i can get my shit back to where it was, all the way. ( o at five27.com )

that was the second time i had to man up today. the first time was harder than the second time. but, good shit came from both instances. it goes down lol.

i got smiled on by God three times today actually. another time when i found out that my friend was ok. she got folded earlier in the week. i found out last night and was worried like a female lol. like oh no! had to man up and make that phone call. ( we havent talked for months, i was being an asshole ) a nigga was worried. but shes cool and shes gonna be alright. it cracks. and at the moment… i gotta few dranks in me. i was drinkin in pasadena tonite but managed to make it home safely. it goes down.

all this God smiling on me buisness is great. but i went and took that dantes inforno test that was on calvins livejournal, and gotdamn! lol Calvins test result placed him at the 5th level of hell. ( dudly do-right face ass nigga ) But my black ass. i really did answer all them questions truthfully. and i knew my results was gonna come back kinda skanless. and wooo boy. there is only 9 levels of hell. my Black ass, my results placed me on the 8th level of hell. i was like GOTDAMN! lol i knew i was bad. but i didnt know i was that muthafuckin bad, shit! lol. the 9th level supposivly is meant for the “Trechorous”. and is where satan himself is suppose to chill at. i get my resutls back. and after i get over me being as fucked up as they come damn near. im wondering what i gotta do to step it up a notch and get that Treachorous label lol. Maybe if i didnt believe in God? that was one of the questions. I do actually believe in God tho ( dispite what some of you non-reading/my way is the right way ass niggas might think, assholes ). so i guess ill never be Trechorous lol. fuck it, im bad enough as it is lol. i know it. but im comfortable with it. i suppose thats why i got placed at level 8 lol.

anyway… a nigga like me is blacking out.


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