Uhmah Park

i promise i dont make this shit up. maybe im just observant. but fuck that… this time i have a witness! Sylvia was in the car with me… she saw the whole shit as it went down… just like i saw it.

today i was on the 101 freeway on the way back to the house… in a bit of traffic. so this means its easier to see what people are doing in the other cars around you.
i find my self in traffic more than id like to… and ive seen some shit while in traffic.
Today lol… im sittin up… playin some old ass westside connection, the gangsta the killa and the dope deller loud as fuck… with pleanty of bass ( killa cali is a straight murder ). so im making all this noise, and i look to my right, into the next car. its a 2000 Camary, and in it… sits a a Ellen DeGeneres knock off… and she is diggin in her nose with reckless fucking abadon. i mean she was all in her shit lol. I really didnt rush to point this shit out, but for some reason… i couldnt turn away from watching this lady dig all in her nose. she was up in there cleaning house homie. to the side… deep… the backwards pick… all that shit. after some pretty serious digging… she just stoped like she never had her finger all in her shit. im thinking she was about to flic her prize over at my car… and i was ready to look at her like she was fuckin retarded. she didnt do that tho… ok… you was diggin pretty hard lady… i know you found something up there. Im thinking… is there a roll up and a drop coming sometime soon? she didnt do that either… she just kinda posted up with her bugar filled finger, leaned to the side, hand up… ready to go at it again i suppose. i laughed and started payin attention to what i was doing again ( driving lol ). Peek back over… she is constantly peeking in her rear view mirror… for what? i dont know? she looked like she was trying to play off the fact that she was diggin in her damn nose for the world to see. leaning on her elbow… hand in her face… on some low profile shit.
i dont know why she NEVER looked over my way… i had my stereo up loud as shit… and i was the only nigga paying attention the whole time she was in her nose she was lookin around ( mainly to her right ) trying to see who could see her. and its not like i was trying to be slick about lookin at her ass lol anyway… so ever so slightly… she shoved her fuckin finger in her gotdammit mouth!!! trying to make it look like she was biting her nails!! i was sittin there peepin her out the whole time! THAT WAS THE SAME FINGER YOU WAS DIGGIN IN YOUR NOSE WITH YOU NASTY MUTHAFUCKA YOU!!!!! dont try to play that shit off…
i yelled out… UGH YOU NASTY BITCH!!!! me and syl was grossed out… even tho i yelled that shit out and me and sylvia was sittin there laughin at her ass… for whatever reason she didnt look over our way… i was RIGHT NEXT TO HER.
after she got all the fuckin bugars off her fuckin finger i guess… she went back up there for more! at this point… i might as well have been lookin at a car accident, because i couldnt turn away. she was taking no prisioners… and did not giva fuck about me to the left of her… because she put her fuckin finger right back in her mouth… and thought she was slick about it.
that shit was nasty lol as fuck lol but funny at the same time lol
of course… i had my trusty camera on me… but unfortunatly i couldnt get a shot of her finger in her nose or mouth. oh well lol. it was still pretty gutty tho. nasty muthafucka.

i almost wish i would have started this blogger in my 9th or 8th grade year… me and my cousin JD have been seeing shit like this since we started hangin out. i dont know if we are super observant… or do people really think nobody is paying attention sometime? or maybe we just catch super little shit.

like the time in summer school before the 9th grade, when we were playing football and the homie Shrwin got his and broke his wrist… but LIMPED off the court ( we played football on the basketball courts for some dumb ass reason… dont ask me ). that nigga was PISSED we was laughin because he was limpin and had no sympathy at all for this nigga lol. that shit is still fuckin funny. i could type out dumb ass stories for days.


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