Uhmah Park

LOL I love the internet sometimes. Sometimes youre really high, and then somebody sends you a random link that kinda catches you off guard and you just fall the fuck out laughing at the inital bullshit that has been thrust upon you.

This picture is titled… Greed. Here is the link, because for whatever reason the fucking picture wont insert, even tho it says share this lol. http://www.flickr.com/photos/souljourner1/2168988987/

I can almost kinda sorta apperciate the “art” here. Except for there was clearly no effort made in the lighting of this picture. I say that because, The title is “Greed” and the item that I would guess that is suppose to be greed is the super glossy ass Monopoly box. You know what, maybe its suppose to be glowing or something. But Im going to go with no here.

So what we have here, is a naked nigga, an uncomfortably hairy naked nigga, in a sterling silver chain, and  shinny dreads, clutching a monopoly box, looking at the camera like he’s refusing to share his monopoly box that contains the secerts to his sexuality. But he will tell you, if he’s properly pursuaded. Still trying to see the Greed here tho. Greedy with my secerts? My Monopoly game? Im going to distract you when we play Monopoly by being naked when we are playing. Thus then, I would suppose, there would be the Greed? Because he will win with the naked distraction tactic? Yea Im stretchin, I know. lol

But what I do know is, that this shit aint got shit to do with Greed. This is a nigga who just wants to be naked on flickr for the sake of being naked on flickr. Or maybe he is trying to attract some kind of attention from the same sex as he is. In which case this nigga sucssed, if you notice the thrid comment down. Hopefully he likes white guys. Flickr, by the way is where I got the picture from – http://www.flickr.com/photos/souljourner1/2168988987/ . If you were stupid enough to click on the link, you will notice there are other naked nigga photos in there. Honestly, I could have sworn I seen this shit some where before. Or maybe I might know this nigga? (dont know how that would be, but I know alot of people… so who knows) Or, I could honestly know somebody that does know this nigga and they could be close friends. Im not sure, and I wont aplogize until I find out, and maybe still not then lol.  (fat chance lol)

To further prove my point. If this was suppose to be some kind of “Art”… then I challenge you, the reader, to maybe explain to me why this man would not have bothered to photoshop out the white lint in the black velvet sheets in the background. Im sure that shit aint velvet, but I added that for effect lol.

If this man wanted a picture to represent Greed and be naked simultaniously, he could have done it a ton of different better ways. He could have done some shit like… I dont know, maybe he could have acted out him defending a big ass bag full of dicks and assholes. From a bunch of other photos of him about to pounce on him, trying to get to the big ass bag full of dicks and assholes… that he is guarding … fuckin naked of course, with a pair of dildo nunchucks.
lol now that would be greed. or just super fuckin gay and hilarious. Gotdamn lmao. This reminds me of the psuedo web artist on Black Planet back in the day lol.

When you work on the “other side” of the entertainment industry, and you find your self around and just seeing naked dudes more than you’d like. Forcing you to immediatly be secure in your masculinity. lol After a while, shit like this inst really gay, its just funny as fuck! LOL


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