Uhmah Park


this site is great… hands down.

i am gonna cool out on the drinking ( and smoking … kinda ) till new years eve. but this site has a buncha great drinks to ruien your liver! when i redesign my shit ( sometime soon ) im going to have this as a perminate link on there some where. everybody should link this site…. even if you dont drank!

speaking of drank….

when im drunk, i like to sing…. oldies in particularly. With that said, i think Atlantic Starr was one of the greatest groups ever. “Send for me” is my SHIT!!!! so is “Am I Dreaming”. Playing right now though, is The Ohio Players – I want to be free. man i love to sing this shit when im drunk too! i wannnnaaa be frreee eee eee……..
some of the greatest music ever!! why cant we have classics like this no more?!?!?! well… there are some tracks that are gonna be new classics… but i dont think we will ever see music like this again.


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