Uhmah Park

OK… buss it…

i installed Greymatter… it took me a COOL muthafuckin min to do. but this shit is pretty damn spiff. It took so gotdamn long ( 3 muthafuckin days ) mainly because i insist on shit working the way i want it to… ( and i was getting my ‘make a living on’ alotta time inbetween ) but at the same time, im lazy, so some of this shit is half assed… ill do it eventually.

I hate that i had to get a tad commercial with my shit, but oh well fuck it. i also put another flash movie at tha top, this time with music ( woooo ). I like it ( im getting tired of lookin at it almost, but i still like it ) i personally think im getting better with flash, im still practicing, thats movie number………… 3?… or 4… could be 5. fuck it who cares. But lets not forget to get a big shout out to Mel for helpin a nigga out with flash. Actually it was only a couple questions and one email but it taught me a bunch! Thanks Dogg. * thumbs up *

Have you noticed that there are a GANGA muthafuckin enteries?

Well thats because i posteded some of tha shit from tha old blogger which will be wiped off the face of the internet shortly ( when i stop being lazy ) . But Never fear, there is really no REAL need to update your links because as half yall muhfuckas proably found out… the old one jumps to this shit. If maybe you say to your self, this looks kinda plain dont it? Yes it does… fuck you… i like plain shit. Imma plain muthafucka, kiss my plain black ass.

Oh yes… for the extremely slow, there is a link to cut off the music ( if you can hear it or even got this far before it cut off ) tha shit is in the corner of the flash movie, it says “turn this shit off…”

Ummm i think thats it… its late, black out time.