Uhmah Park

So… real quick.

Happy New Years… one of my favorite holidays. Its also one of the times where im friendly as fuck to everybody, including white people. The other time you can catch me being super friendly… is during the LA Auto Show.

I love the fuckin LA Auto Show, ive been going every year for the last 4 years. Its great. The new camera concept car will be mine.

Also the BMW 750Li…. sigh.

But back to new years… nobody told me the affects that champange can have on the human body. i was drinking that shit like it was water. long story short… a niggas felt that shit for days afterwards. I was fucked the fuck up.

Ive been M.I.A. on the net these days… even on my own message board, mostly because a nigga has been working. Working his ass off… I want a fucking 750 by the end of the year, or be lined up to get one by the end of the year and i am so not bullshting, i love that car. I drove my homegirls 745 to vegas, and around vegas like it was mines and i have been overwhemlingly smitten every fucking since lol.

thats it for now i suppose… i got something brewing. and that shit will be on slow release all year.

It goes down!