Uhmah Park

lmao jesus christ… must suck to be this guy here … lol

id file this under tuff pill to swallow, but it was more like a tuff small missle to swallow lmao.for those of you who dont know what a Mortar is… find out.

no matter what though, its still pretty damn rediculious to get thrown into the air that gotdamn high in the air for any reason. even if it is a isolated incident ( or accuracy for that matter ).

i think the funniest part about this WHOLE video honestly though, is the fucking trail of smoke this man left behind as he flew into the damn air lmao. lol he look like some fireworks lmao.

imagine if that was how “terrorist” celerbrated lol shot one of they own into the air, and made them pull the self bomb at the apex. DAHKAH DAHKAH LALALAL — BOOM!

lol let me stop, thats fucked up lol

Now that i think about it though, i wonder how alive he was when he was catapulted in the air with all that velocity and fury lol. if you look at it, he shot the FUCK up, and then just hung there like things that shoot the fuck up way too fast tend to do lol. and then began the rapid decent to the ground. not just any ground im sure. building rubble, debris, and at the very least, clearly a rock or 9 had to be some where around the area he landed. im kinda curious to know what he hit when he hit the ground. i dont know why i think about shit like that when i see this lol.

i also wonder how many “terrorist” saw this video and said to them selves “dahkah dahkah – i aint fuckin with al qudea so that shit can happen to me!” that had to deter at least one person, and im certain it made at least one person quit if they was there to see that shit lol. all the virgins you can shake your man at is only worth so much at the end of the day, even if you like that kinda thing, im sorry. i KNOW that made somebody quit.

if i saw that shit happen to my homeboy, id be either out for ultimate revenge, or id have to quit. lol like fuck that. if it was one of my niggas that happen to, and he survived that shit. im SURE the nigga would tell me getting folded like that was no where near worth it, for damn near any reason. Aside fighting for freedom. even then… fuck the dumb, somebody better summon the curse of the mummy or some shit. that shit dont look cool no matter what lmao lol.


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