Uhmah Park

Wow. This here is pretty damn brilliant if you ask me. Google has just launched “Google Labeler”. A section of google where you log on to label images from google image search. And for labeling these images…. you get…. points. Thats right. Points. The more complicated the label, the more points you get. You will not be paid to do this task, but you will receive points. If you do a good enough job you may find your name on the front page of the Google Image Labeler site. You can make any kind of knick name you want. And of course. Some jack ass named his self “Cunnilingus” and promply enters in as many terms as he can so he can have the word “Cunnilingus” on the front page of a google site. Congrats to that guy.
But this is brilliant, because here google gets all these trillions of fucking random images labeled. The google image search will be super off the hook the bigger this program gets. Searching for images on google will be great. Where this plan gets super great is. Again, these people are doing this for free. The only cost google has to cover is the bandwidth and server energy to run this. But they will make all that money back at the better Google ad targeting from the labeling thats about to go down. Which means the revenue goes up. The brain power behind this operation is priceless. Google will be cashing in forever off of this. This is great. Im super happy because I will now get better searches for images and my random references in my blog post. These guys on Google labeler get thier little points or whatever. Hopefully google might throw them a plasa tv or something super scandalous like a CD Player. LOL. And of course, Google gets paid forever, off of your free work.Somebody at Google was drinkin Genesis beer… BRILLIANT!!!!

lol wish I would have thought of it.


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