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Goodbye, Old Friend.

Today… i said goodbye to an old friend.

although many disliked him. he has really never done me wrong, when he could help it. i used to stick up for him time and time again. defended him from many threats and bullshit.

i had is back.

sigh, but times change. and shit changes… it just got harder and harder to defend him. he got old, he got slow. im an impatient internet surfer.

so today i said goodbye to Internet Explorer.

i had been using firefox on and off. but now… i am a full time firefox user.

today is the end of a era… and the begining of better browswing. i realize this. i know this. but i feel werid for some reason lol.

maybe im just werid lol i dont really like change all that much lol.



no more many windows open… fuckin shit up!!!


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Yes, my friend! I just downloaded firefox for my friend cuz i COULD NOT DEAL with the pop ups and shit that IE was doing to her computer. It was surfing HELL. my God. I dont know how 80% of the windows market BROWSES like that!!!

omg i thought this was going to be about a certain dumbass, and i was ready to rejoice. fuck you for having my hopes up LMAO. asshole.

i would love for IE to come out with tabbed windows because that is one of the many conveniences about Firefox.

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