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And The Grammies are on, imma sit here and type out the play by play… i hear from people on the east coast that it was pretty live.

man… lets start off with beyonce and prince. They kicked off the show with a very very live proformance. Beyonce is drop dead gorgious. her and prince put on a pretty great show… id pay to see that shit.

… say… i didnt know pharrell played the drums?! hot damn. he got pretty live too. the song him and sting and dave matthews and somebody else did wasnt half bad. i was impressed.

Beyonce got RnB album of the year… i only listened to her album once… but it was pretty good. im not much of an RnB person… imma have to break that shit out again tho. i been meaning to put it in my car.

Christina can sing like a muthafucka… she was feelin that song.

Then… The White Stripes, got on stage and got hella hella live. The White Stripes are my favorite band (every since i heard seven nation army). that elephant album is fuckin dope. i wish i could get the set they just on mp3 or somethin some where… they fucked it all the way up. the fuckin white stripes is dope.

I know its early in the year… but i think the award for The Most Completely Gangster Move of The Year should go to Andre 3k! this nigga got up there, shook everybody hand… got his shit and:
“Thank You” thru america the duces and strolled the fuuuuuuuck of stage! somebody needs to give this man a high five for that shit!! Real shit. ( a proud moment for Geminis every where… thats some shit i could see any Gemini doing … heh ) I dont even have to watch this shit no more… the show can shut down and i wouldnt even be mad.

Justin Timberlake apology was the guts… lol.

I LOVE PATTI LEBELLE! she is fuckin great! and she STILL looked good! i wanna meet her and give her a big ass hug! this luther tribute should be pretty live.

The sound man for the Grammies need his ass whooped. Alicia Keys is over here gettin live with a house is not a home. and the sound is all fucked up….Celin Deon even took her ear piece out…. fuck cbs for fuckin up this Luther Tribute.
But I thought people was sayin that Luther couldnt sing no more… he sounded pretty good for a person that had a cold stroke… its a good thing im not an emotional ass person. and thas all i gotta say about that.

Somebody tell me… does Sting be wearing a dress now? it look like it. i didnt think him and sean paul would get all that live… but it was a pretty good proformance.

… ahh shit! this h&r block commercial is the fuckin guts lmao the willie nelson advice doll?? … the part with zimmerman lol gotdammit. lmao

Justin and Arturo? this is pretty damn live! … thas it… imma have to get this justin timberlake album and stop frontin.

im not a Black Eyed Peas fan… but they put on a good live show.

Beyonce got live with Dangeriously In Love… i dont know why muthafuckas be hating on her. shes great.

Just so everybody knows and isnt confused… i do not like everessence. they are not all that great to me lol. and i hate that fuckin single they have out.

The Church of Eternal Funk was the livest shit since James Brown at the BET awards last year. dude robert somebody and the family band… they was live as fuck. imma have to check them out. Sam L was up there preachin! PREACHIN! He really brought everybody out. that shit was live…. lol they shut that shit down. Fuck, that was live as fuck…

…. fuckin snoop. damn. lol and then this man did all his lines DIRTY lol… he probably had a cup fulla henndogg lol.

Quick observation tho… is it me or are they not presenting any awards at this years grammies. 19 preformances… 3 1/2 hour show… dont leave much room for presenting awards lol
… and also another quick thought. i was thinking like damn… it would probably be pretty dope to be at the grammies… but i dout if i could sit there and act right for that fuckin long. because if you fuck up the possibility of you being caught is HIGH! they are always putting the camera on somebody… that shit would fuck with me. like… if my black ass was there. there would probably be some serious moment… and i would be crackin jokes and laughin with somebody. or just laughin at something i wasnt suppose to be laughin at. …. or fuck… what if i have to go in my nose real quick? or what if somebody was preforming and im up there VISUAL annoyed, bored and unentertained? lol muhfuckas would have mad shit to talk about me lol. if i ever get invited to the grammies i might pass… lol and ummm… yea… Mary J looks like a Canary.

lol i love this Jay Z Heinkien commercial. this shit is the guts… he looked back at her like…. this muthafucka. lol this man went and got him a beer… came back picked up the remote and TURNED lol i at least chuckle every time i see this shit. he didnt pay her no mine. like what? lol you aint special muthafucka lol.

sigh… the end of the show aint turning out to be all that… this guy up here talkin about downloading music is trying to bore me to tears. And what in the fuck was up with that commercial? that shit didnt make a bit of sense… or maybe i missed it… i was talkin shit about the guy up there yappin that shit lol.

and just when shit was gettin boring… Andre3k came and picked his back up and put on a pretty live ass show! And then Outkast gets record of the year? what? man?? Hiphop represented this year at the grammies… i wasnt mad at none of the winners… i actualy stoped even carring years ago… but then to see some of my favorite artist finially get reconized, its really not that they got reconized… its just to see them have the oppertunity to get more money to put in thier pocket. its a beautiful thing.

On CBS News they are asking asking other entertainers about the janet jackson thing. its glad to see puff and patti support janet. Black people need to stick together like this more often.

Overall… this show was pretty live. i wish they would reair it… id watch it all over again. i need to hook up my fuckin replay tv again.

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