Uhmah Park

ok… in honor of 420, which has clearly passed. but ive been busy all day and couldnt write this shit out.

… and i wasnt blowed earlier either.

and no… you dont have to worry about this being like the last entry ( even tho, you sick fucks read that nasty shit lol )

So anyway… like i was saying, in honor of 420, i will submit the shit i like to listen to when im blowed, at night lol. because during the day ill listen to anything like i was sober.

— Jimi Hendrex … of course. if you smoke… and youve set back and listened to some jimi. you be feeling like that shit way more than you would if you were sober. its werid. its like watching a movie that was based on a book with out reading the book… if your sober. but its like reading the book then watching the movie… there is a whole higher realm of understanding. i remember one time me and one of my ex’s smoked and it was probably my highest moments ever… at least top 3. i felt like i was moving in slow motion. shit was ruff. i was so high, i wanted DESPERATLY to come down. but anyway… we are in the car trying to find the particular theatre that she had free tickets to. we had to drive all the way to calabases, and we stoped at EVERY theatre between porter ranch ( northridge ) and calabases… and the whole time i had some jimi blowin HARD. loud as fuck n shit… and i felt like i was driving towards the sun or some shit. it was like some shit you see on a movie. it was great. lol it was like i was living a soundtrack or something. Voodoo Soup ( not Child… i got it right… Soup ) is my shit. so is machine gun. and of course purple haze… come on now lol.

— The Doors… it might just be because im from LA. i remember i didnt used to like these niggas… john and wendell would play that shit in the car and i thought i was gonna have a fucking conipition or some shit. ( althought i dont know what it is… it sounds like what i was damn near about to have ) but now… after ive sat back and listened to songs id hear in movies, here and there and listened to them because i liked them. it made me wonder… what else these niggas got? turns out most of this shit is fire and great to listen to when your blowed.

— Nirvana… it depends on what kinda blowed mood youre in. if you dont wanna listen to some shit tottally slow… but not so upbeat. fuck with some nirvana. This is one of the top 5 bands in history in my opinon. i know some poor rightious music lover is gonna cuss at me, but i could giva fuck. i stand by that.

— The White Stripes… ok… these muthafuckas are up and down. but they have a track on their third album i think, called Cannon. that shit is hard. it had me bangin my head like a punk rocker in the car one night. and on the elephant album ( my favorite ), in the cold cold night is hella mellow and fuckin great.

— Bone Thugs n Harmony – E. 1999… oh my GOD! mr bill collector is my SHIT!!! budda lovers, bud smokers only. the whole album is fuckin great. the one before this is cool too. but dont nothing they ever put out really fuck with E.1999… the album that most people call their first, which is really their second… the names of these albums escapes me right now tho, anyway… that album has a few tracks you could group with the E.1999 album, replacing first of the month and crossroads of course lol.

— Outkast… fucking pick an album. outkast is GREAT blowed music. especially Aquimini, Synthezier and SpottieOttieDopaliscious and The Aquimini Track. ATLiens is equally as great. The Mainstream is my shit. i love that whole album. not to mention the first three albums damn near rattle my car apart them shits hit so hard lol.

— Nas… not all his shit. but anybody that smokes that is a nas fan, knows what tracks im talkin about.

— Led Zeplin… im SUPER up on led zeplin, but that there is good blowed music. alot of times people think when their blowed, oh they wanna listen to somethin nice and mellow and slow. but sometimes things thats up beat will put you some where else, shit will have you awake and mind wondering lol… its just different, its great. anyway… sometimes when i listen to led zeplin, i have to skip past the immigrant song, shit be fuckin with me. if you insist on some mellow shit when youre blowed, Stairway to heaven cracks.

— Biggie… only a few songs, depending on what type of mood youre in, and how much of a fan you are. me perosonally, i can listen to that niggas whole catalog when im blowed. This man my favorite MC, i understand im from LA and i “should” be a pac fan, but im sorry, that nigga can rhyme circles around Tupac. Go ahead and hate me you pac cult member muthafuckas, yea i said it. anyway… The World is Filled, Young G’s on puffs first album, no way out. Whats Beef, Niggas Bleed, I Gotta Story to tell, Somebodies got to die, Danger, Big Poppa, Youre Nobody Till Somebody Kills You, Long Kiss Goodnite, My Downfall.

When the Remi’s in the system, ain’t no tellin
Will I fuck em will I diss em, that’s what these hoes yellin
I’m a pimp by blood, not relation
Y’all still chase on, I’ll replace on, punks
Drunk of Dom, silk and gators
Spittin words makin birds till they flock see you later
Whether, drunk or high, skunk or thai
Nigga play against some playa shit, slugs gon fly

Ain’t no lie, pimped out, the SSI
Nigga don’t ask why, just respect it
She bought me the necklace, the bracelet
The Benz-o, she laced it
Crib-o, got it, interior decorated
Now my popularity grew, in each state
Now I got two in each state
Used to drink brew and eat steak
Now I pop bottles with models, larger steaks on large estates
classic shit… nobodies touching that im sorry.
Young G’s offa puff album has Puff, Jay, and Big on the track, in that order. Jay’s verse was pretty great. but biggies verse, will make you forget ALL about JayZ. Jigga who foreal. Jay will forever be in his shadow. and we can talk that if biggie would have never died shit all day long… but everybody will come to the same conclusion… Jay would not be where he at, period.
But if you like to listen to a good lryical track… you might wanna fuck with: (if youre not knowin about big)
Hypnotize, kick in the door, skip to his verse on mo money mo problems (shits hard) and on all about the benjemins ( even better! ), unbelieveable, machine gun funk, The What with meth. id paste the lryics to unbelieveable… but fuck it, trust me… its one of his greatest tracks. the hook sucks but you get used to it after so many times lol. but trust me… the shits undenyably live. you super hiphop heads… trust me. shit can get with the anything anybody can bring to the table. this niggas ryhmes is impecable. and i wont talk about the flava in your ear remix verse. shits crazy son… crazy! lol

— Jay Z… lol since were talking about biggie. Jayz’s track Treats is super fucking live. the watcher 2… his verse on that shit is cold. thats the best diss i ever heard with out a nigga saying fuck you directly lol and calling out no names at all.

— DJ Quik… BombBud 1 and 2 oh my GOD thats my shit. and since were talking about diss songs real quick. Dollaz + Sense is one of the top 5 diss tracks ever… shit is vicious!!! Let You Hav It is pretty cold as well.

— Miles Davis… Kind of Blue ( of course )… im really not fuckin with bitches brew… sorry. But Blues And Balads is great. Birth of Cool i can fuck with when im blowed and Miles Ahead.

— John Coltrane and Don Cherry – The Avant Guarde… oh my GOD, this album is FIRE!

— Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil… this shit is wonderful.

— Dexter Gordon – Copin’ The Haven… i love this song.

— John Coltrane – A Love Supreme… Duh! shits great blowed music.

— Tony Williams – Lifetime… Wendell hipped me to this… shit is a nice listen when youre stuck and cant move. lol

— Gorillaz – their first album… shits live… starshine is my shit.

— RHCP – Californication… thats right, red hot chilli peppers… i love this song. that shit makes me stop whatever im doing, and start singin that shit. Man… i know a lot of people from other places other than California. And its werid trying to explain to them about how shit is out here. California is the most unique place on this earth, trust me when i say that… at least in the states… at least. The people here are different… black people, mexicans, white people, asians… all of us. we are different from the rest of our respectful breathern acorss the nation. i dont know how else to explain it. some people think we are werid, we dont have no culture or whatever the fuck… were too flashy, were too this or that… we dont have this or that. whatever… the only way to understand California is to have lived here for an extended period of time… or be a native. thats it. certin shit you just cant do out here… certain shit is just ok for whatever reason. somethings that shouldnt matter out here just do… like apperance is big in all of cali, especially LA. other niggas in other places, dont care that much. youll fuck around and get talked about out here lol. i honestly thank God that im a californian, from los angels. i fuckin love it here… and there is no place better.

— RHCP – Under The Bridge… Since im talkin about LA. California is great, but the best part ( and only part that seriously matters lol ) is Los Angeles. man the first verse of this song… i just feel that shit every time i hear it. ill stop and sing this shit when i hear it too… although i dont know the words to either of these songs that much lol.

Sometimes I feel
Like I don’t have a partner
Sometimes I feel
Like my only friend
Is the city I live in
The city of angels
Lonely as I am
Together we cry

I drive on her streets
‘Cause she’s my companion
I walk through her hills
‘Cause she knows who I am
She sees my good deeds
And she kisses me windy
I never worry
Now that is a lie

I don’t ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way

only people from LA can feel that shit there.

— Massive Attack… pick an album ( i only know of … two…. i think lol ). i really couldnt tell you any of the names of the songs, because i always listen to everything i have.

— Portishead… cant mention massive attack and not mention portishead. these muthafuckas are way too live for thier own damn good. some of their songs are so gotdamn sexy. Glory Box, Western Eyes, Nobody Loves Me, It Could Be Sweet… just to name a few. shit will make you think on some super great ass you got if youre by your self, and you might end up touchin ya self if you get down like that. lol real shit.

— James Brown… now if youre blowed and feelin funky ( yea i said it ) throw on some JB! they dont call this man the God Father for nothing. real shit… everybody has learned from the God Father… Nobody has more Soul! The Big Pay Back will have you wanting to whoop a nigga ass. you know one of the times you walked away from a fight, and wanted to kick some muthafuckas ass. and you always say… i shoulda fucked that nigga up!! GOTDAMN! this song right here will have you wanting to find that nigga how ever many years later, and do what you shoulda did then lol.
Its a mans world… wooo shit… dont be high AND have some drank in your system. you will confess your love for somebody lol. that and try me… of course lol.
i remember once in fat burger ( i think i wrote about it ) i put on Im Black And Im Proud on. i thought that shit was halarious. place was full of white people. me and the homie was the only niggas in the place… oh and the nigga working there. nobody else saw the humor i dont think. they was trying to act like that shit wasnt on.
Do It To Death is one of my favorite JB Tracks… HOW YA DOIN BRUTHA!! id call ya name but i dont want people to know ya in hear!

— George Clinton and the Parliment Funkadelic – Mommy Whats A Funkadelic… now most of the parliment shit is fire. but this shit here… good lord. if you could ever come up on this… its fuckin great, i promise (you could ask a nigga maybe lol) it will be worth you looking for. i found this one day… wasnt even looking for it. just came the fuck up. i love this song. it sounds like a song a muthafucka or 5 has overdosed to one or twice lol.

— Dr. Octogon… that dr octogon album is on that shit. like the sheep rape entry shit lol. i dont have that, just because its way way way beyond me lol.

— Aceyalone – The Book Of Human Language… An ESSENTIAL in every hiphop heads collection. The Walls & Windows is my favorite shit. sigh… i can not count the fucking times… i have been in the car with that man John… BLOWED AS FUCK… and this shit has been on. millions… and i know i have not lived a millions days yet. but believe me… its been millions of times this has happen. rolling around fontana, rialto, rancho, ontairo… IN THE MUTHAFUCKIN DARK!!! if youre new to the Inland Empire, you wont remember… but if youre from oxnard, camerillo, you know exactly what im talking about. The IE used to be DARK AS FUCK at night. street lights were few and far between. there are mad homes on highland now, but i can remember when that street AND baseline both didnt have NO LIGHTS for at least a 15 mile stretch. just a stop sign here or there… MAYBE! niggas used to do 100+ up and down these gotdamn streets. but not when youre blowed… youre just rolling in the dark… looking at lights in the distance… listing to Aceyalone talk about, the walls have ears the windows have eyes, and a wise man tells no lies. and this nigga John is Captn Backstreets. this nigga would NEVER take a main street home… it was always a back street with no street lights and TWO muthafuckin lanes.

— Raekwon – Only Built For Cuban Lynx Niggas… i was reading a great story on how the purple tape was put together. shit was great. whole album cracks.

— Ghostface Killah – Iron Man & Supreme Clientle… these two albums are beyond great. this nigga ghost flow is like no other. he is in a class all his own… if niggas picked up his flow, nobody would ever be better.
Step into the party its me… God All Mighty… GHOST STILL HOLDING THAT SHOOTIE!!! Assasination Day is probably my favorite Ghost track… and Ghostdini and Malcom by hisself. Ghost is all about the track tho… what he feelin at the time. you can tell because all his albums got like 3 tracks that are less than 2 min long… and its like one long ass verse… or two quick ones. might have a hook, might not. dont nobody else do that shit.
and any real wu fan knows about winterwarz and how cappadona lost his gotdamn mind on that shit.

— Redman – Muddy Waters… i dont skip not one track on this album. and if im the mood… i listen to all the damn skits too. Red has the best skits in the fuckin business lol. this album is a fucking classic. a documentry should me made about this album. real shit. all though all you will here that nigga say is… its a album about smoking weed lol. this nigga got super busy on this gotdamn album.

Kanye West – College Drop Out… The Advance Copy of this cd has a track called Consequense that is out of control. i dont know about yall… i love listenin to this nigga kanye when im blowed. dude is underrated. alot of people dont like cocky muthafuckas… i do. shit dont bother me. im confident about me and what i can do. now if you gotta throw it in a nigga face… ok. that can get irritating. but if you know you good. and you feel like you need to show niggas whasup every once in a while, and youre fustrated because muthafuckas are over looking you. eehh i can kinda understand that shit. but me… id go about geting the attention i felt like i deserved in other ways lol. anyway… kanye can provide some good listens when youre laid out…

alright… i cant remember no more right now… imma black out. Happy 420!!


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