Uhmah Park

Ive been on a freelance on-site gig for about 3 weeks now. To save gas and to avoid any amount of traffic possible, I take the subway into work.

When im standing around with the crowd of people waiting on a train to show up, i walk up and down the crowd to figure out where most of the Black people will be getting on, so i can get on that train car.

Is this racist of me?

I do this for a few some what silly reasons.

If shit gets way too real, a million feet under the damn ground, id prefer to be around as many black people as possible lol. I live in Los Angeles, being underground is scary as fuck to me and most other people. Not too scared to get on the subway but the knowledge that the ground shakes without warning out is mainly what im talking about lol. Its always in the back of everybodies minds. Not only that, but anything could happen when youre on a subway, theres been all kinds of movies about it lol.
Id prefer being around as many black people as possible because I already know where my level of “fuck this shit” is. And i know a lot of black peoples level of “fuck this shit” is almost as high as mine.

Lets say somebody trys to hold up the train on some terrorist shit, they are NOT going for the car with all the niggas on it.
1. Too many black people means you have almost no bargaining chips. Nobody loses there job or tears over a bunch of Negro casualties. Were an acceptable loss when it comes to shit like that lol.
2. Nobody is gonna hijack any situation where there are too many niggas involved. Especially big niggas like myself. Were not just gonna take whatever L is being served up with out some kinda fight. Everybody knows this.

Maybe Ive watched too many movies. I sit on the train and look at all the types of people on the train and think to myself, if shit gets too real, i gotta go through it with THESE muthafuckas. Lol so id rather be around a bunch of black people. For whatever reason i feel safer lol.

If that racist? Maybe. But I bet theres a lot of non-blacks out there that would rather be on a train with a bunch of black people too. For the same damn reasons lol.