Uhmah Park

I have let my Loyal Readers down.. not that I write enough to have a few of those, but none the less, I suck. Here I have been sitting on this video and have posted it all on my twitter and facebook. But not the one place I really care about lol

Anyway, everybody knows that Im a HUGE Laker fan. So during the Western Conference Finals I realized that Carmelo Anthony wears #15… and that McDonalnds Chicken McNugget was also the #15 on the menu. So I rolled to the local Micky D’s and made this video.. lol .. with this note:

In Los Angeles, you can go to almost any McDonalds and order a #15… which is the Chicken McNugget Combo… which is also the same number #15 as Denver McNugget Star forward, Carmelo Anthony. So get your nuggets today! and eat em up, just like our Lakers have been eating up the nuggest for YEARS!! GO LAKERS!!!

Carmelo Anthony #15 Denver McNugget Combo Special from OJ Smith on Vimeo.

And of course the Lakers won the Championship! Cant tell you how happy I was!! shit… STILL AM!!! WE THE BEST!!!!! DAMMIT!!


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