Uhmah Park

I am a man of a few fetishes. One of them is a pretty girl in a nice pair of shoes. Im not gonna sit up here and say that I only fuck with girls with an acceptable shoe game. Because I’ve made exceptions. Alot of them lol. And there is a good chance I shall continue. (…. meh lol). But like I was saying. A sexy pair of shoes just says something else about a girl. To me, its like the difference between a chevy and a beamer. Nothing is wrong with a good Chevy, but a nigga like myself is trying to push a Beamer lol.

A friend of mine, Chasity, sent this out over twitter and I thought there was super poppin. So I figured I’d post em because I like em.

The cubes on the heel look like rock candy…. crystallized sugar on a rope / stick. You remember that old science experiment shit lol. I’d lick on them shits just it was some sugar on em too lol. I like the lil bow on em too. I think I know why that might be though… I’ve been conditioned. LOL Its all good tho. These are hot.

This girls feet look a little ashy on the heel area, but with shoes on like this. I aint trippin lol.